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August 04, 2021

Midnight Class Balance Change Update

Class balance changes released while still in testing 

Hi guys! A quick middle-of-the-night class balance update and clarification. We've gotten a lot of questions about some class changes that rolled out VERY early when we launched the first round of AQLite feature integration yesterday.

These changes were still deep in testing, and not ready for prime-time for a while. Once Reens is online later today, we'll revert the classes that have seen the largest performance impacts (ex: TimeKiller).

But wait, there's more! We've got a list of class changes that are scheduled to go live this week.

  • ChronoCorruptor: Overall performance
  • Dragon of Time: PvP adjustments, Overall Performance
  • Frost SpiritReaver: PvP adjustments
  • Infinity Knight: Overall performance
  • Sentinel: PvP adjustments
  • ShadowWalker of Time: addressing an unintentional damage scaling mechanic
  • Vindicator of They: PvP adjustments¬†
  • Void Highlord: Overall performance

Addition for Challenge Bosses: Boss Shields

An update from Immortal Joe, class/quest designer and balancer with news on the new Boss Shields:

Although we encourage various methods of approach to taking on challenge bosses, certain compositions and strategies lead to them being defeated almost instantly, completely removing any challenging aspects of the fights. So starting today, all current and future challenge bosses will now have boss shields, which reduce the damage the boss takes over a set value. This cap and resistance is individually set per monster. This means that only damage you deal ABOVE the cap is reduced, and none of your other damage is affected.

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