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August 20, 2021

August Anime Gear + Collection

Calling all anime fans!

We've got a host of new anime-inspired items for you, from permanent sets in the Akiba Cosplay shop to limited time rare items in your Featured Gear Shop, available in your Game Menu until September 30th.

Featured Rare Items include:

  • Risk Taker armor + set items
  • Fate's Archer armor + set items
  • Frost Vampire armor + set items 
  • Amethyst Half-Elf armor + helms
  • Ethereal Horizon Seeker armor
  • Neverland Attire armor + set items
  • Academy Uniform armor + helms

Permanently available items from Nekomimi in /akiba are:

  • Hai Kyuute!! Collection Chest
  • Guardian + Dark Guardian's Overseer armor + set items
  • Radiant Knight's armor + set items
  • Yaksha Shrine Servant armor + set items

Unlock 30 items in our Hai Kyuute!! Anime Collection

The last ones standing are the victors. Only the strongest survive. If you want to be the last one standing, become strong. Inspired by super-popular sports anime HaiKyuu!!, our newest collection includes 30 items, a house with customization room, and a character page badge for 6,000 ACs (that's 10,000 ACs worth of gear).

The Collection Chest unlocks 30 items, including:

  • Exclusive Hai Kyuute!! Chest pet to unlock the full collection shop
  • Enchanted Bareboru Uniformu armor (color customizable)
  • Hollowborn Volleyball Jersey armor
  • Diabolical Volleyball Jersey armor
  • Debris Volleyball Jersey armor
  • Crystallis Volleyball Jersey armor 
  • Wings of Victory + Total Victory capes
  • Cloak of Flight and King of the Court capes
  • Six helms
  • Volleyball Pet (with quest for exclusive character page badge + house/house items)

This year's chest also includes the following house and house items*:

  • Bareboru House (with customization room)
  • Gym Benches
  • Volleyball Basket
  • Volleyball Net
  • Volleyball Scoreboard
  • Crystallis Cheer banner
  • Darkon's Debris Cheer banner
  • Diabolical Cheer banner
  • Hollowborn Cheer banner

*Items drop from the quest on the Volleyball Quest Pet in the chest's collection shop.

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive pet, all of the gear contained inside the Hai Kyuute!! collection chest shop will also be available to buy individually in the Anime Fan shop from Nekomimi in /akiba. She also has a House Shop where you can buy all of the house items separately.

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