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September 07, 2023

Survive the Infernal Arena

Return to the Celestial Realm This Weekend

Return to the Celestial Realm this weekend as we expand the zone with an all-new Infernal Army-themed arena, rewards, and more! Talk to Aranx, Guardian of the Celestial Realm, to begin the Arena gauntlet; the battle experience you receive there will help you prepare for the coming Infernal Onslaught.

New game release

  • Celestial Realm expansion: Infernal Arena
  • Featured Gear Shop: new Infernal + Celestial sets
  • New morph helm drops

Leaving Tuesday: Quibble's Summer 2023 Collection Chest + Shop

Weekend Daily Gifts & Boosts

  • Server Boost: Double EXP
  • Crafting Resource Boost: Double Celestial Dungeon crafting items
  • Saturday: Master Gunner Gween pet drops from Cursed Cecaelia in /septhub
  • Sunday: Infernal Mage Armor + Helm drop from the Infernal Mage in /infernalarena

And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

New Reward Gear

This weekend, we've got host of new reward items for you to collect and create. Defeat the monsters in the /infernalarena to collect 9 new 0 AC drops and collect the resources to craft 25 new items in Aranx's Infernal Arena merge shop.

New Monster Drops

  • Axe of the Infernal Defiler
  • Infernal Krampus' Claw
  • Infernal Naga's Gauntlets
  • Infernal Harpy's Wings
  • Cervus Malus' Tail
  • Malicious Maw's Horns
  • Tainted Dagger of Na'al
  • Tainted Blade of Na'alWings of Azalith

Merge Shop Items

Collect resources to create new items in the merge shop.

  • Armor, Helms, and Great Wings of Azalith
  • Scythe of Azalith + Scythe of the Fallen
  • Tainted Blades and Daggers of Na'al
  • Divine Wanderer's armor, helms, cape, and weapons
  • Celestial Wanderer's armor, helms, cape, and weapons
  • Cervus Malus' Skull helm
  • Infernal Krampus' Claws
  • Axes of the Defiler

Aranx & the Celestial Realm

If you've been with us for a while, you might remember Aranx, AdventureQuest Worlds Artist and Celestial Guardian. We normally celebrate his birthday in September, but he graciously shifted his event forward so the updates in our next main story chapter, Shadows of Chaos, could release closer together.

Celestial Realm Zones

  • CelestialRealm
  • InfernalSpire
  • CelestialPast
  • PocketDimension
  • LostRuins
  • LostRuinsWar
  • CelestialArena
  • GoldenArena

Arena Extras + Important Notes

Infernal Arena Champion Badge + Pet

Defeat Na'al in the Infernal Arena to unlock the Infernal Arena Champion badge in your Book of Lore and character page. The badge unlocks a shop in your Book of Lore with the exclusive Crowned Skull of Na'al pet.

Infernal Arena Character Page Backgrounds

Members can /join InfernalArena and head to the 2nd room to choose one of two new character page backgrounds! Arena Interior Preview + Arena Exterior Preview

Battle Notes

  • These are single-player rooms, so you'll need to rely on yourself to defeat your opponents.
  • The final five fights will be a challenge, but are balanced so that individual heroes can win.

Server Update

We standardized the gold and XP monsters would drop on each server to help everyone predict the rewards you get, regardless of which server you join.

Tomorrow: New Helms + Yoshino's Live Event

Log in tomorrow and battle the Lavazard in the /Augusthub map to collect several new helms + member-only morph helms.

Don't miss Yoshino's brand birthday new live event! 

  • Starting Time: Saturday, September 9th, 2023 (around 5PM EST) 
  • End Time: Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 (around 7PM EST)

September Calendar of Events

YARRRR! Check out our September 2023 calendar of events to get a sneak peek at the releases still to come this month. We've got the Infernal Arena, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Collection Chest and more coming your way!

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