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March 04, 2022

Lucky Day Returns

The Shamrock Fair is BACK!

Do ya feel lucky, Hero? I hope so, because this weekend, The Shamrock Fair returns as we celebrate Lucky Day! Log in all weekend log for one of the most colorful holiday events of the year.

Lucky Day Fair events:

  • Double gold and rep server boost 
  • Play minigames to collect Golden Tickets
  • Unlock the Evolved Leprechaun Class
  • Seasonal items and bosses return

You can access the Fair RIGHT NOW when you /join Luck, and then continue to taste the painbow inthe /rainbow and /hedge maps!

Don't miss the many minigames you'll find at the Shamrock Fair:

Save up the Golden Tickets you earn from the minigames to purchase gear from the Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop, and if you get a Lucky Hat or Lucky Top Hat from the Fair Token Shop, you'll earn double the number of Golden Tickets from any minigame you play!

Return to the Fairy Grove

The veil between our world and the Fae has thinned enough for you to return to the realm of the Fairy Queen. 

Don't miss last year's new Lucky Day expansion, is based on the Celtic lore of the Pooka. Battle the Trickster for a chance to unlock magical fae-themed gear!

The Luckiest Class: Evolved Leprechaun!

Most people find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we found the Evolved Leprechaun Class, and we can't think of a better Hero to /equip it than YOU.

You can get the Evolved Leprechaun Class in 2 ways:

  • Buy the Evolved Leprechaun Class with 2,000 AdventureCoins
  • Turn in 12 Lucky Clovers, 20 Rainbow Shards, and 2,000 Golden Tickets to the Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop, run by Mog O’Rahilly

Make your friends GREEN with envy as you battle through this Luckiest of weekends filled with LUK, leprechauns, and LOTS of loot!

Class Balance Change Log

Dragon Knight

This class was given some changes to play smoother and perform better, while largely remaining the same in design. Now performs as a mid-game to late-game solo class.

  • Spell Blade no longer applies Disarmed
  • +Dragon’s Fire now reaches max damage in 3 stacks, and damage slightly increased
  • Dragon’s Fire range increased to medium, cooldown lowered to 6 seconds, and now does damage that always hits and never crits
  • Dragon’s Might range increased to medium, cooldown lowered to 6 seconds, and now does damage that always hits and never crits
  • Dumbfounded now decreases enemy Physical Damage and Crit Chance by 25%
  • Swordplay cooldown reduced to 13 seconds, and now applies Masterful to the caster if the enemy is Dumbfounded, increasing Damage and Dodge by 10%, stacking up to 3, lasting 10 seconds
  • Swordplay Aura now applies to the caster, and increases defense by 40%
  • Dragon Breath cooldown reduced to 13 seconds, now applies Blazing Siphon to caster if the enemy has Flammable, an HoT, stacking to 3 and lasting 12 seconds
  • Dance of Blades no longer randomly applies Dance of Blades, and instead increases Haste by 10%
  • Descriptions updated

Miscellaneous Changes

Various clean up changes for classes in the last few weeks, and a few miscellaneous changes.

  • ArchPaladin Commandment auras no longer stack with other ArchPaladins
  • Blaze Binder autoattack name changed to Fire Bolt
  • Flame Dragon Warrior Fire Dragon’s Roar, Burn of Akriloth, and Burning Rage skills now deal more damage, and Ablaze increased to +35% damage dealt
  • Chaos Shaper mana regeneration increased, Evocation damage decreased slightly
  • MechaJouster Auto Repair reduced, Deflection reduction reduced
  • Heal in and Heal out stats fixed
  • Ledgermayne damage updated, and skill message changed
  • Resting heal rate increased, and detection improved server-side

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