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March 03, 2023

Dage's Dark Birthday Returns

Our Triple Update of Evil is now available!

Evil has taken over Lore this weekend! Log in this now because Dage's seasonal Dark Birthday zones and gear are back, along with the oh-so-evil RNG-themed minigames in the Lucky Day Fair. Plus, find Gravelyn, Dage, and Nulgath in /battleodium as we update our NPC Friendship system with your new BFFs (best fiends forever). Then join us on March 10th and 17th for an Undead x DOOM-filled story adventure!

Battle through Dage's Dark Birthday zones to get wicked reward drops:

  • /darkbirthday
  • /undervoid
  • /futurewar
  • /futurelegion
  • /futurewardage
  • /legionarena
  • /dage
  • /ultradage

Underworld PVP zones:

  • Underworld Team PVP: choose which team you want to fight for in /dagepvp
  • Underworld 1v1 PVP: go head to head with other heroes in /dage1v1

Dark New Quests + Reward Gear

Rand, Dage's first General of the Legion, could use a hand. And maybe some help with his memories. Talk to him in the /darkbirthday map, complete his quests, and he'llll pay you in gear + Legion secrets!

Monster Drops: /join abysslair

  • Urban Underworld Gear
  • 2 Urban Underworld Hairs
  • Sheathed Underworld Katana cape
  • Sheathed Underworld Rage cape
  • Electric Underworld Katana
  • Electric Underworld Rage blade
  • Dark Artist's wrap

Abyssal Merge Shop Items: /join abysslair

  • Ripper Blade of the Underworld (single + dual wield)
  • Sheathed Soul Devouring Katana (single + dual wield)
  • Urban Underworld Outfit
  • 6 Urban Underworld Hairs
  • Electric Underworld Katanas
  • Urban Underworld Rages

Undead Legion Items in the Abyssal Merge Shop

  • Ascended Legion Evoker armor
  • Ascended Legion Evoker's Hair + Locks
  • Ascended Legion Evoker's Staff
  • Blade of Malevolence (single + dual wield)
  • Legion Malignant Blade (single + dual wield)
  • Devouring Legion Rune cape
  • Reaping Scythe of the Legion
  • Reaping Scythe of the Legion cape

Who is Dage the Evil?

If you're just joining us, you might not know who Dage the Evil is. In-game, Dage the Evil is the leader of the Undead Legion, ruler of the Underworld, and the Dark Weaponsmith. Many years ago, in the real world, the artist behind the NPC started releasing more and more rewards for his birthday until it became an annual, fan-favorite holiday. But the zones for his one, true love... PVP... are availalbe all year long!

Members of the Undead Legion will also be able to craft items for gear exclusive to Dage the Evil's most loyal followers. If you're not a member of the Undead Legion, never fear! You, too, can sell your soul to Dage the Evil and become a part of his immortal army.

Dark Caster Class Series Returns

The Undead Legion is made up of Lore's finest undead (and not-undead-yet) warriors. That is why we made sure to make ALL the Dark Caster Class skills, tied to art created by Dage just for his birthday. Each class is available from Dage's Dark Birthday Shop for 2,000 ACs and will return each year for his birthday.

  • Infinite Dark Caster Class uses the Evolved DC class skills
  • Timeless Dark Caster Class uses the Arcane DC class skills
  • Immortal Dark Caster Class uses the original DC class skills

Original Class owners: If you have the original Dark Caster Class, you get the Immortal Dark Caster Class for FREE. Talk to Dage in the /darkbirthday map to complete his quest to claim your free class. 

Evil NPC Friendship Update

Gravelyn, Dage, and Nulgath have been added to our NPC Friendship system in /battleodium. Talk to your new BFFs (best fiends forever) + give them gifts to build your friendship levels. Earn Void Auras from Gravelyn, Legion Tokens from Dage, and Unidentified 10 from Nulgath. 

NPC Rewards

Gravelyn: Void Auras      Dage: Legion Tokens*      Nulgath: Unidentified 10     
1-2 full hearts for x5
3-5 full hearts for x10
6 full hearts for x20

1-2 full hearts for x20
3-5 full hearts for x50
6 full hearts for x100

1-2 full hearts for x5
3-5 full hearts for x10
6 full hearts for x20

* Membership in the Undead Legion is required to get Legion Tokens.

NPC Friendship System Tips and Tricks

Track your friendship levels in the Friendship UI by clicking on the Character Icon.

How to build your friendship:

  1. Visit an NPC.
  2. Talk to them and give them a gift once a day. (Gifts can be obtained by killing monsters in the map) 
  3. Use gifts to increase your Friendship Meter.
  4. Reach max friendship with that NPC to get a gift from them.

You will get the NPC's reward if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Have a good relationship with the NPC
  2. Gift them something they like. In return they will gift you their reward.


  1. Some NPCs are easier to make friends with, some are harder.
  2. Different gifts will have a different impact. If an NPC really likes a gift, you'll get more points for giving it. If they really dislike the gift, it'll take away points.
  3. Try out different gifts to see who likes what, and which gift will get the best reaction from each NPC.
  4. You'll see a green check mark appear in your Friendship List to help you track who you've visited.
  5. Regular contact IS important. You'll lose 1 full heart if you don't visit an NPC for 3 or more days.
  6. The /battleodium and /greyguard maps are not part of our seasonal Hero's Heart Day events. They will be permanently available.
  7. We'll be adding more NPCs to this system over time. Let us know which you'd like to see added in the future!

The Shamrock Fair Returns for Lucky Day

Do ya feel lucky, Hero? I hope so, because this weekend, The Shamrock Fair returns as we celebrate Lucky Day all month long! Log in for one of the most colorful holiday events of the year.

Lucky Day Fair events:

  • Double gold and rep server boost 
  • Play minigames to collect Golden Tickets
  • Unlock the Evolved Leprechaun Class
  • Seasonal items and bosses return

You can access the Fair now when you /join Luck, and then continue to taste the painbow in the /rainbow and /hedge maps!

Don't miss the many minigames you'll find at the Shamrock Fair:

Save up the Golden Tickets you earn from the minigames to purchase gear from the Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop, and if you get a Lucky Hat or Lucky Top Hat from the Fair Token Shop, you'll earn double the number of Golden Tickets from any minigame you play!

The veil between our world and the Fae is thin enough for you to return to the realm of the Fairy Queen. Battle the Trickster in /pooka for a chance to unlock magical fae-themed gear in a story based on the Celtic lore of the Pooka.

The Luckiest Class: Evolved Leprechaun!

Most people find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we found the Evolved Leprechaun Class, and we can't think of a better Hero to /equip it than YOU.

You can get the Evolved Leprechaun Class in 2 ways:

  • Buy the Evolved Leprechaun Class with 2,000 AdventureCoins
  • Turn in 12 Lucky Clovers, 20 Rainbow Shards, and 2,000 Golden Tickets to the Lucky Day Shamrock Fair Merge Shop, run by Mog O’Rahilly

Make your friends GREEN with envy as you battle through this Luckiest of months filled with LUK, leprechauns, and LOTS of loot!

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