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October 02, 2023

Verus DoomKnight Class

This Friday... Unleash the DOOM

Doom is in the air. A Mysterious Stranger has reemerged on the outskirts of Termina Temple in search of a new champion. Could it be... you? Our month-long 15th Birthday celebration starts this weekend: seasonal birthday and Mogloween maps return with all new reward drops for all heroes to collect! Heroes level 40+ can begin the quest to unlock the Verus DoomKnight class... if you dare. O_O

As a reimagining of DoomKnight, the very first birthday class we ever released back in 2009, Verus DoomKnight is a late game single target class that focuses on applying heavy defense debuffs to its target, while also being able to build up its damage after gathering enough Doom!

How to Unlock the Class

Seek out the Mysterious Stranger on the outskirts of /terminatemple and complete their series of quests to unlock the class.

  • Level 40 required to begin the quest chain
  • Quest requirements will increase as you progress through them. 
  • The final quests will require level 80.

The quests will involve you attuning with Doom by gathering Doom related items, defeating foes with connections to doom (both easy and hard), exploring the path that a former Emperor of Doom took, and finally, building an undead army.

Some of the quest requirements will include:

  • Rank 10 Evil
  • Sepulchure's Original Helm
  • Arch DoomKnight Helm
  • ShadowReaper of Doom
  • Dragonlord of Evil armor
  • Defeating certain monsters in /thevoid

Important Notes

  • The class and its True DoomKnight armor set can only be obtained by completing the Mysterious Stranger's quests.
  • Insignias are NOT required for this class, but there may be some more challenging foes that you will not be able to defeat on your own.

Read on to get the full Class Skill breakdown!

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