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April 28, 2022

Coming Soon: Class Test Realm Server

The Class Team Wants YOUR Feedback

We’d like to hear YOUR feedback on classes as we develop and balance them. So, we’re starting an experimental program, one where you’ll be able to try out classes as we create them, and get an exclusive peek along the way. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be opening up a Class Testing Realm server- a special game server where you’ll be able to use classes that are still in development and give us feedback on how you feel about them.

Class Testing Realm Server details:

  • Requires level 40+ and a confirmed email to join
  • Monsters will not drop any items
  • Login location will be in /classtesthub, not Battleon

CTR Classes

When you log into the Class Test Realm server, you’ll be greeted by Arlen, the Class Loremaster. From him, you can find the CTR Aegis and CTR Zodiac classes, which will house the in-testing classes. 

Testing Class details:

  • CTR Aegis and CTR Zodiac classes
  • Will constantly change to use whatever class/skills we are testing at the time
  • Will not work outside of this game server

Feedback Channels

On Arlen as well, you can find information about providing feedback. He'll have important info and links to where you can send the team feedback:

  • #AQW-Class-Testing channel on the official Artix Games Discord server
  • Official AQWClass Twitter account
  • Information on how to give more detailed feedback directly to the Class Team on the dedicated Class Testing server

#AQW-Class-Testing channel

 The official Artix Games Discord, where you can find the #aqw-class-testing channel. Discuss the in-progress classes and changes with your fellow players, and find a form to submit dedicated feedback straight to our developers.

Class Testing Realm Discord 

For those that are interested in having a more direct dialogue with the Class team, you can also find a form pinned in the Artix Games Discord to apply to join a Class Testing Realm Discord server, where you can directly give detailed and meticulous feedback and testing information to them. Anyone is allowed to apply to join this Discord.

Applications for the server are rolling, and there is no deadline for applications. They will be considered as they are received (although it may take some time to hear back). You may send in multiple applications, but please allow a 3 month wait between submissions.

Entry to this Discord is NOT a staff position, and no responsibilities are attached to joining it. We’re looking for dedicated players passionate about classes and combat in AQW to share their thoughts directly with us. Both the open feedback form and the Class Test Realm Discord will be regularly checked, and all feedback will be considered.

AQW Class Team?

AdventureQuest Worlds Class Team members are another division of our quality assurance testers. They’re skilled, experienced, and well rounded players who have joined the ranks of our creative contributors! Their love and enthusiasm of the game is what drives all of the combat-related content we bring you. Members of the Class Team - both testers and developers - will be carefully looking through all of the feedback provided by you as we develop all of our future classes. 

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