Design Notes

January 27, 2023

New Nulgath Quest + More!

New Nulgath Quest and Item Updates

A new daily quest for Nulgath Nation resources has been added to the Memory of Nulgath NPC in /originul.

Wrong Turn at Voidbuquerque

Requirements: Level 80, completion of the "Break their Muti-kneecaps" quest in /originul

  • Defeat Flibbitiestgibbet, Nightbane, and Xyfrag (who’s a bit slimier now) for misc item drops.
  • Rewards 75,000 gold, 150,000 XP, Unidentified 13 x1, and a choice between one of: Tainted Gem x60, Dark Crystal Shard x35, Diamond of Nulgath x100, Gem of Nulgath x35, Blood Gem of the ArchFiend x7.

Monster, Map, and Item Updates

  • The "Void Beetle Warlord" armor now provides a 50% damage increase to humans and the "Metamorphosis" quest now requires level 80 in order to accept (these changes were made late last weekend, but we wanted to record them here for future reference).
  • Xyfrag has been moved from /thevoid to /voidxyfrag. /voidxyfrag requires level 80 in order to access.
  • The /voidnightbane map level requirement has been changed to level 80. 
  • The "Piece of Xyfrag Perfectly Slushied" misc for the "Bido’s Favor" quest has been moved to Gell Oh No in /well, item renamed to "Piece of Gell Oh No Perfectly Slushied''.
  • The "Strength of Reliance" misc for the "Ordinance" quest has been moved to Extriki in /extriki, drop rate increased.
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