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September 21, 2023

15th Birthday Class Preview

Next Month... Prepare for DOOOOOOOOOOM!

Shadows are on the move. Leaves are beginning to fall. And... Doom is in the air. But why?! O_O On October 6th, we kick off Adventure Quest World's 15th anniversary event with the new Verus DoomKnight Class!

We are currently in the final stages of testing so you'll have to wait a little while longer for skill breakdown. There are still a few details we can share with you all now:

  • Verus DoomKnight is single-target focused, can apply some nasty defense debuffs to its target, and utilizes a new "Doom stacking" mechanic.
  • Requires level 80+ to acquire the class. 
  • Can only be obtained after completing a series of quests.
  • The class and its True DoomKnight armor set are permanent, so they won't be going anywhere!

Quests to Unlock the Class?

That's right! Similar to the ArchPaladin and Dragon of Time classes, the 0 AC Verus DoomKnight Class can only be unlocked by completing its quests.

You'll need to be at least level 60 to begin the class quests. Some of the quest requirements will include:

  • Sepulchure's Original Helm
  • Arch DoomKnight Helm
  • ShadowReaper of Doom
  • Dragonlord of Evil armor

What Else is Happening for the 15th Birthday?

>_> *Looks at the October calendar*

<_< *Looks at the date for the next solar eclipse*


Oh... you know... the normal birthday shenanigans.

Fun stuff...

Gifts and things...


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