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November 30, 2022

Weekly Event Calendar

December 2022 Game Update Schedule

Winter is coming (for many of you, it's already here!), and so are all our snow-covered, ice-laden, gift-bearing holiday events! To help everyone celebrate, we've got a list of all our holiday events so you don't miss a single moment of cheer. 

Thursday, December 1

Friday, December 2

Northern Wanderer seasonal set arrives 

Frostval returns + Kitty Yu-Yule boss
New upgrade bonus pack

Friday, December 9

Friday, December 16

Frostval 2022, Pt 1: Seeking the Flame
Frostval Collection I
Soccer gear in the /football map

Frostval 2022, Pt 2: Mountain of Miracles
AdventureCoin Gifting Event
Beleen's Birthday Set

Thursday, December 22

Friday, December 23

Carolling & Present Quest 
Frostval Collection II

"Night Before Frostval Eve" Rewards Drops
Limited Quantity Sets

Thursday, December 29

Friday, December 30

New Year's Eve maps return
2023 Boss Fight
New Treasure Chest & Doom Merge gear       
Tinsel's Gifts open
New Year's Eve Boss Drops
Featured Rare Set

And log in on Wednesday, January 3rd for our 2023 New Year's Free AdventureCoin gift!

Event Reminders: Mark Your Calendar

Don't miss out on your favorite limited time events, stories, and gear! 

December 1

December 2

November seasonal set          
October seasonal set

 Featured Rare Set: Immortalis Magus   

December 9

December 30

Black Friday Collection leaves
Harvest Fest leaves

Black Friday Nulgath quest drops
Featured Gear Shop: Beleen's Birthday Set

December 31

January 2

Daily Gifts from 12/1 - 12/14

Frostval AC Gifting event ends

January 6

January 13 

Frostval Holiday maps + gear
Frostval 2022 Limited Quantity Sets         
Frostval 2022 Collection
Soccer gear in the /football map

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