Design Notes

September 12, 2023

Tuesday, September 12th Updates

New News For You to Use

With so many players on so many different platforms, the team and I found that our information had become really scattered over the last few years. Earlier this year, we began these "round-up" Design Notes posts make sure everyone has access to all of the same info, no matter which platform you use. Read on to get all the latest news on updates, fixes, and sneak peeks.

You've Got Questions...

We've got answers! A few rapid-fire FAQs we've been seeing lately, and the answers you're after.

Where are the rest of the new helms + morph helms? ... Will any be for ACs? Good questions! The answer is... right now there is a boatload of helms and member-only morph helms dropping off the lavazard in Augusthub. This is their temporary location.

In the near future, they'll be moved to a quest from Bev in battleontown. At that time, we'll add the next batch of the morph helms (with the changing expressions), available for AdventureCoins.

When will we get the next update in the Lost Guardian Blade quests? VERY soon! Take a look at the AdventureQuest Worlds release calendar and you'll see the final update arrives at the end of this month.

Tomorrow: Aranx's Birthday Drops!

Aranx's birthday pet drops -- the 0 AC Celestial and Infernal Fenrir -- arrive tomorrow. Keep an eye on the Design Notes for more details!

Midweek Update: New Quests in Lolosia

Yarrrr! We be preparin' fer Talk Like a Pirate Day by expandin' one of th' most-loved maps in-game: Lolosia! /Join Pirates and talk to Lucia, outside the Deep Trobble Inn. She has new quests for you; finish them and she'll reward you with two new weapons!* 

Then return next Tuesday for a few new seasonal quests with even MORE loot, including a merge shop that'll enchant one of this week's rewards!

* That there description of the "Here There Be Dragons" scythe looks right interestin'... O_O

Support Ticket Update

Due to the rush of heroes writing in for help after the latest AQW: Infinity news post*, our ticket volume has skyrocketed. Nythera & the team are replying to everyone as fast as possible. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay!

* Tickets are from players who want to recover their old AQWorlds accounts so they can log in to Infinity once it is ready.

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