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May 28, 2014

Animated Item Shop

BLAST Off The Summer With All-New Animated Gear!

Yorumi has been working on a side project in between working on lag fixes and other projects... and the time has come to help us test the Animated Item functionality!

How animated items will work:

  • Animations will ONLY appear to you (to reduce lag for other players)
  • Every time you use auto-attack or any skill, there is a chance for the animation to go off
  • Some items will also have a boost (rep, XP, class points, gold) or racial bonus attached (undead, dragons, human, orc, chaos)

Ghost created many different animation types, including: meteror (shown above), shadowburst, whirlwind, ice comet, flying pigs (preview tomorrow!), fireworks, mental energy, Moglin Wreckingball, Fish-splosion, and smokebomb!

Coming This Friday

Testers are going to start helping us lock down how often the animations will appear tomorrow, but once this goes live on Friday, we are going to need YOU guys to give us feedback, too. We will ALSO sell non-animated versions of the shop gear, for those who do not want animations attached.

Friday's shop will contain the following animated items:

  • Lavamancer armor
  • Lavamancer Orb Mace
  • Lavamancer Orb Daggers 
  • Lavamancer Helm
  • Lavamancer Smoke Cape
  • X-zilla armor*
  • X-zilla helm
  • X-zilla tail
  • X-zilla sword

Each of the above items will ALSO have non-animated versions, as mentioned above. A quest will also drop an animated weapon (with bonus) for ALL players! More information on that later this week!

* X-zilla set made by Nulgath to celebrate Kaiju lovers everywhere!

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