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October 11, 2014

12th Birthday Event Guide

Artix Entertainment’s 12 Anniversary Special Event!

DING! Artix Entertainment just leveled up! Thank you so much for being with us as we celebrate our 12th anniversary with special events happening in 7 of your favorite MMOs and RPGs.





AdventureQuest Worlds

AQWorlds’ 6th Birthday: Curse of the Phantom Pixel

  • As Mogloween draws near, rumors have spread about a cursed video floating around Youtube.
  • Someone - or something - is in danger, and the only way to save “her” is to recover the 13 missing cursed artifacts.
  • Seven of them lie hidden somewhere inside AQWorlds, and it will take an OmniKnight to recover them all!
  • Head to NorthPointe, home of the Secret Underground Lab, and talk to the AQW devs for ideas on where to begin searching.
    • Battle through AQW to find 7 of the 13 cursed artifacts for our all-game anniversary event!

    • Defeat Kurok Gravefang, the Werepyre Lich, and his undead army as they race to get the 13th artifact: Death’s Hourglass first!

    • Talk to Artix in /northpointe to find the Artifact Hunter 6th birthday Class!

    • Find all 13 artifacts spread among our 7 games to unlock the OmniKnight Blade!


12th Anniversary

  • Don't mess with Titan's coffee!
  • Assemble a Titan's cosmic coffee mug to appease the deity and receive your rewards!



Quest for the Cursed Artifacts - Company-wide Event!

  • Can you believe we have been growing every week for 12 years?!
  • To commemorate this occasion we are releasing the Drakkonan-possessed Artix into the wild.
  • Find him randomly using the Battle Monsters button.
  • Defeat him and gain access to the Shadowfire Axe of Curses shop.
  • Collect all the cursed artifacts from our games and gain access to the mighty Omni Knight Blade shop on all your game accounts!
  • Also don’t miss the Desert Wyverling and Halberd coming to the Z-Token shop!

Find Thok with the Cursed Phoenix Blade to Unlock the Omni Knight

Character Release:

  • Thok ( Cursed Phoenix Blade )
  • Omni Knight 



The Evil Artifact 

  • An evil artifact is rumored to be lost in the northern wastelands. 
  • Will you be able to find it before nefarious cultists do?



AE Anniversary Crossover Event!

  • Hidden among the monsters of the Hottest area is an 'Epic' item (Hottica's Cursed Flame Shield)!
  • Epic items are member class items that can be used by free players!
  • Collect all the special items from all the AE games to unlock the OmniKnight Blade Badge (HS Badge Shop)



The Cursed Tape Reappears! 

  • EbilCorp has found the location of the Cursed Tape. Don't let them get their hands on it!
  • Work with River to secure the tape before EbilCorp!
  • An interesting reward awaits, if you can succeed! 
    • If you get all 13 Artifacts in all the games, the OmniKnight E-Blade awaits you!

Battle On!

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