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July 08, 2016

New Music Video Making Contest

AE Presents: "Camera, Set, Music!" Contest

2016 might be the year of music, with new stars emerging daily thanks to the power of the internet and the Eurovision festival currently going on. So we thought... why not put on an AE music video contest? We've got some amazing video makers in our community, and you might be one of them!  

Throne of Darkness Trailer

Contest Plot: Create an original music video

You read that right! For this contest, create an original music video that takes place in one of our games (or all of them?!)! 

  • Submit your existing Music Video to us! (Just as long as you have the permission of anyone that helped you make it.)
  • You can enter videos made BEFORE the contest start date as long as it meets all of the other rules/requirements.
  • You must include your AQW or AQ3D character name in the form when you submit, NOT the video description

CHALLENGE! Being able to put every AE game ever made into 1 video would be a great challenge for the veterans in our video-making community. 

Contest Details: How to Audition

  • Contest begins: July 8th, 2016 
  • Contest ends: August 31th, 2016
  • Send your entry to us: by following this link

How to submit: The Musical

  1. Go to the form: English / Portuguese
  2. Enter the title of your music video
  3. Make sure your entry contains all the required information and follows the rules
  4. Tell us if your music video was created before or after the contest started
  5. Tell us if you're uploading the video on YouTube and include a link OR will use WeTransfer and send it by email
  6. Include the AQW or AQ3D character names of each person on the team
  7. Submit the form! (You can only submit the form once, but CAN edit it afterwards)Singing (aka Submission) 

Singing (aka Submission Checklist)

Check off the following before submitting your entry to ensure your music video is eligible to win!

  • Your video is AE-themed and made by you (or a team)
  • Your visuals and sound all work
  • You've included the AQW or AQ3D names of everyone who collaborated
  • You included a link to your video or that you emailed us your WeTransfer file
  • Hit the send button and share your video with us!


The prizes for this contest are crAEzier than any we've ever done before! Fame and internet immortality. PLUS character page badges AND Artix Points! /cheer

Grand Prize Winner(s) will receive:

  • Your music video on and in the AQW & AQ3D game design notes
  • A spot in the coming music video gallery on contest page
  • 5000 Artix PointsBadge in AQW/AQ3D

Winner’s Circle & "Above & Beyond" entries will receive

  • Your music video on and in the AQW & AQ3D game design notes
  • A spot in the coming music video gallery on contest page
  • 1000 Artix Points

All qualified entries receive:

  • Place in AE youtube channel playlist

Contest Rules

It is really important you follow the following guidelines, or your contest entry may be disqualified, or removed from the playlist after winning!

Your entry must:

  • Be an original creation
  • Be made by you, or by a team of up to 5 people who all agree to have it submitted
  • NOT display any of your AQW or AQ3D character information in the video description
  • Not include art or video clips from any other game, company, or artist -- only AE games/art, please!
  • Be family-friendly and appropriate for players of all ages (that includes the music!)

You / Your team:

  • May only create or collaborate on one entry
  • Must submit your video through the form using YouTube links OR by using the form, then emailing via WeTransfer
  • Include your AQW or AQ3D character name (and that of everyone else on the team) 

Again, please remember: you cannot use anything that would cause copyright issues! Check out this link to see how you can make sure the song/s you choose are alright to use.


Can I use an animated cutscene I made?  It can be your own animated cutscene or a video made using in-game clips.

Can I look at other videos for reference? Yes, absolutely. Being inspired by someone is fine, you just cannot copy their work and call it yours.

Why do I have to include my/my team's AQW or AQ3D names in the form? This proves that you/your team created the video, and are not stealing it from anyone.

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