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October 19, 2012

You Saved Artix Entertainment!


Even with pulling 800,000 more monsters out of his hat at the last minute, you amazing people were able to pull together and defeat him and his flunkies and clear ALL 6 MAJOR ARTIX ENTERTAINMENT GAMES of his invading forces before the deadline.

You saved us, and we can't thank you enough. We would like to invite you down into the Underground Lab where we make our games so you can see a littl of what daily life is like for us.

The Elevator will take you down to the lab. As soon as you Exit you will be greeted by Syra, Galanoth and Artix himself. Each of the five rooms has a little cutscene as you go on a guided tour of the AE Lab.

You will also find a few new shops that you have unlocked by helping to save the game network. There's a normal 4th Birthday Shop, a 4th Birthday Merge Shop (you can get the merge items from the server hamster in the break room) and Artix has the quests and shops you will need to unlock the Chunin Class, whic is this year's birthday class! You can read more about that in my Chunin Class Skills Breakdown post.

From all of us here at AE, thank you for making ten amazing years of gaming possible. Artix really says it all at the bottom of THIS ARTIX.COM POST!

Don't forget that later today is the Alina & Rolith Wedding event and the level cap is being raised to 50!

62 days until Just Another Day

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