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October 09, 2015

BattleCon 2015 is LIVE!

AQWorlds' 7th Birthday Event Begins NOW With a DOUBLE Server BOOST!

This weekend, get your /party on at BattleCon 2015: an In-Game Convention! The only way we can meet ALL of the heroes who make our games possible is inside AQWorlds... but the smell of trouble is ALREADY in the air (that's not just con-funk you're smelling!) The shadows are beginning to act strangely, and mysterious NPCs have started to appear in other Artix Entertainment games. 

This October is AQWorlds 7th birthday AND Artix Entertainment's 13th anniversary PLUS our 7th Mogloween event... followed closely by our 13th Friday the 13th event! Keep your blades sharp and your wits sharper, Heroes!

Get as much information as you can from LoreMaster Maya, the Dark LoreMaster, and Khalu Bash... they hold the key to the events coming this month!


BattleCon 2015 Event Details

We want to meet the heroes who make our games possible! Every year, we attend conventions in person and get to hang out with some of our players, but the only place we can meet ALL of you at once is in AdventureQuest Worlds! We’ve pulled in team members from ALL our games to create the most EPIC in-game convention EVER!

/Join Arena and head on up to the screen to watch videos in-game!

Meet the team, challenge your friends to a glow-stick dance-off, get sweet cosplay-themed rewards, and explore the secret underground lab in this year’s extra-extreme 13th Anniversary / 7th Birthday event!

Once BattleCon begins, get ready to:

  • Go on Loremaster Maya's quests to investigate mysterious behavior by... the shadows themselves?!
  • Quest for your BattleCon badge 
  • Slay Con crashers for your Con Kit (every hoopy frood needs a Con towel) 
  • Defeat the Brutal BattleCon Gate Guardian, as he stalks the grounds of the Coliseum
  • Meet members of the AE team!
  • Get your badge signed by all the AE team members
  • Sneak through the Hall of NPZZZzzz's
  • Get your Rave, Rave, Rave on in the Timezard's Ballroom
  • Explore the Secret Underground Lab
  • Get sweet cosplay rare gear and new permanent merge gear


NEW Queen of Monsters Trailer is LIVE!

Talk to LoreMaster Maya to see the NEW trailer for the Queen of Monsters saga! Created through the combined efforts of Yergen and Ghost, this AMAZING cinematic will get your blood pumping and your blade READY for action!

(Funny story - when we were doing the voice acting, Dage just could NOT get his line right... until I ran and got a real live sword for him to hold!) 

If you have not played any of the new Queen of Monster Saga storylines, you can start the first one when you /join Embersea, or play the current one when you /join Brightoak!


The Dark LoreMaster is in BattleOn!

Talk to the Dark LoreMaster when you land in Battleon this weekend and complete his quests... because we ALL must prepare for the coming invasion during Artix Entertainment's 13th Anniversary event - the Rise of the Shadow Council! 

AdventureQuest, EpicDuel, and MechQuest have each already seen their Dark LoreMasters arrive, and the Darkness Matrix around DragonFable's timeline is pulsing... We must complete the LoreMasters' quests or who knows WHAT will hit AQWorlds next Friday?!

Hint: it's this guy.

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