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January 02, 2014

Sweet Sweet Victory

Winners of the 2013 Creative Cookie Contest

Happy New Year! Starting a brand new year is pretty sweet. Starting off the new year with a collection of confectionary craftsmanship is even sweeter. And winning exclusive items from the Creative Cookie Contest is the sweetest!

Thank you everyone who participated in this contest!! Winners will receive their item prize(s) next week (Jan 6-10). Even if you didn’t win a prize (although your tasty creation is its own reward!), we look forward to seeing more of your creativity in future contests =)

Click the pic to watch the snazzy video!

2013 Cookie Contest Winners video

Grand Prize Winners: Exclusive Sword, Helm, and Cape

  • Akira the Exiled
  • Bellaa2
  • CapnCio
  • LuvHart
  • Rock Lea
  • Rokis11
  • Ronalverde
  • SimonTDK1
  • Victress

Runner Ups: Exclusive Helm and Cape

  • Absolute Zer0
  • Alan68
  • Cinimo D
  • D3YD3Y
  • H4rd_core
  • Kalkans
  • Martin of Metalgods
  • Neoslasher
  • Nolax
  • Rocket2003
  • Roland1234567
  • Sir Robles
  • Whitenight d

Honorable Mentions: Exclusive Helm

AdventureToMax, Ann Liu, BerserkerWorrior, Demon_Slayer_Killer, Druidmage, G73DZ, GA 18, Grande Albert, Headimus, Jessica of Prinses, Kaedra, Killer 655, King_Bernard, Lucifer 27, Monfortkill, Monsti, PatrickMage, Raphael1728, Roxas98 Blackthorn God, Sarah Vanity, Dark Drago8844, ShadowMoon522, Taiojr, Vipadra, Xavber1000.

Want to see all the entries of the 2013 Creative Cookie Contest? Click here and go to the @AQWContest Twitter media page!

Until next time… battle om nom nom!

xoxo Beleen

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