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November 22, 2013

Confront Drakath Tonight

Begin the 13th Lord of Chaos Saga Tonight!

Begin the EPIC 13th Lord of Chaos Saga this weekend and unlock a portal to the Chaos Realm, create a guidestone, then battle your way to the heart of Drakath's Lair! 

The Champion of Chaos is waiting!

You've fought for years to get to this point, but you will have to fight just a few more battles! (That's an understatement. You'll need to fight a lot. A TON. A world FULL of battles before this Saga is over!)

How to Begin the Adventure?

/Join nexus and talk to Warlic! If you've completed the Prologue and done Gravelyn's quests in Shadowfall, you'll see Warlic and the Chaos Portal on the top of the Nexus Tower. Once there, you'll need to have all 12 of the first Chaos Sagas complete OR have an upgraded account in order to start Warlic's first quest!

Not sure how many you need to complete? Check your Book of Lore or Warlic's handy Saga Progress checker! Then begin his 1st quest to watch the first cutscene reviewing all of your adventures... and the start of the most INSANE journey you'll ever take!

NOTE: Currently the progress checker does not show updated values for Bloodtusk or Mythsong. Check your Book of Lore for correct values.

What Comes Next?

We promised you would confront Drakath, the Champion of Chaos, before the year was out, and you WILL do that tonight! But don't think the adventure ends here, Hero! Man, do we have a LOT in store for you in the 13th Lord of Chaos saga. Man, oh man, on MANY BATTLES ARE AHEAD!!!!

We did not want to rush the next releases in this Saga, so rather than cram too much into a single month (and miss all of the things I'm about to miss next) we're going to continue the Chaos Saga after Frostval.

Next week, we've got the Turdrakolich event, then Frostval returns, Artix's wedding event releases, and our NEW Frostval content arrives: Nightmare Before Frost-EVIL!!! Once 2014 arrives, the Chaos is going to come fast and CRAZY! 

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