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November 11, 2011

11-11-11 Portal OPENS!

Enter the DragonPlane

Not long ago, a large mysterious portal appeared in town. Nobody knew what it was or what would happen when it opened. You will have to verify this with your own eyes.. but it appears to be a gateway to the plane of dragons. The actions you take when you enter, will likely DEFINITELY change OUR world forever. Battle on, Hero!

The DragonPlane

And if you emerge victorious from freeing Desoloth, you will earn a character page achievement so that all your friends and fellow players will know of your success!

EPIC Gear from Beyond the Portal

Rare and wonderour treasures lie beyond the Portal, but we have a sneak peek ready to entice you, Hero! Get ready for amazing armors and incredible equips... but remember, if you want this wicked gear, you will have to BATTLE ON to get it!

Zellare Armor

By assuming the form of a fire dragon minion, you take on the fury of a dragon's fiery breath and the wisdom of the wyrm's ancient age. 

Zellare Armor

Only the wisest and strongest of Heroes are able to /equip this armor and wield this weapon... but we know YOU are up to the challenge!

Elementalist and Storm Runner Armors

Stand tall, defiant, in the face of the elements! Face down the fury of a storm of dragons ready to devour you! With courage and unshakeable confidence, these armors and items will see you through any challenge Lore can throw at you!

Elemental Storm

Azure Armor

Water is life - by turns pure, calm, and destructive. Harness the power of the flood in this Azure Armor and you will command not only the ocean, but a tidal wave of allies as you face off against the armies that wish to destroy you and all of Lore!

Azure Armor

But that's not all we have for you tonight:

  • TWO member-only BATTLE PETS drop from the dragons!
  • Four Elemental Chakra weapons
  • Four Elemental Septaxe weapons
  • The "Wet Look" and "Hot Head" helms
  • And SO MUCH more!

The AC shop will be going RARE, including the Member items (so get your gear while it is still here)!

New Feature: Auto Quality Selector

We want you to experience AQWorlds at its best, but also at a level that is best for YOU! This week we are introducing an automatic frame-rate detector which will set your game to the best quality for your computer. 

Do not worry! You will still have the option of controlling what quality you play AQW at; if you want to play on High quality, then you can set that in your Options menu.

Epic Duel Available in Portuguese!

The Epic Duel team is excited to offer much of the game in Portuguese! Log in at Epic Duel to see all of the exciting changes they've made to make the game more accessible to our Portuguese-speaking players!

HeroMart Gear! (Available to Villains, too!)

Do not forget that if you are an adventurer with a need for epic real-life equips, then HeroMart is the swag store for you! We have our 2012 AQWorlds Calendar on sale right now! (Comes with the ChronoChaorruptor Class - but hurry, supplies and time are limited!)

And our BattleOn BattleCards MOD PACKS are still at HeroMart! Pick up your DoomWood and Chaos Mod Packs while they are still in stock! Crits, Chaos, and Card-CRAZINESS in every pack! And when you buy both, you will gain access to the EPIC Paladin Slayer Class!

BIG NEWS! Today only in honor of the date, HeroMart is having an 11% off sale! Get your gear at HeroMart!

History in the Making 

Tonight is 11-11-11 and you see what happened! A whole new realm of draconic mayhem and might and some of our most awesome armors and gear! After you have battled your hardest and stowed away all the loot you earned, take a moment to think:

... What will happen on 12-12-12!?

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