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AdventureQuest World's 3rd Birthday
You are hereby invited to join us in-game for our biggest event ever with our biggest guests ever... in fact, They Might Be Giants! This event is not making history.. it is re-writing it! An extra-dimensional being known as The Collector is traveling through time and space and taking things for his ultimate rare collection. Now his greedy eye is set on the most valuable things in our world. But it is not your rare items and weapons that he is interested in... it is you! (Dunn dunn dunnnnnn....) The Collector's only interested in stealing beings with great destinies. To maximize the value of his collection, he steals heroes, musicians, and mega villains from the time stream BEFORE their great destiny has been achieved. This one-of-a-kind special event will take you and your friends on an epic adventure through time (Dinosaurs?) and space (Alien worlds!?) and reveal secrets about the past and future of our world! See you there!


The Collector's Head WHAT "The Collector" Special In-Game Event
WHEN Happening Now
WHO They Might Be Giants, the AQWorlds team and YOU!
WHY Celebrate AQWorld’s 3rd Birthday!
HOW Join us in-game, at www.AQ.com


They Might Be Giants

OMG!?!?!?! How in the world did we get a band this famous for our birthday!?

They Might Be Giants (TMBG) are the coolest, strangest and most innovative alternative rock band the world has ever known! They have sold over 4 million records and won two Grammy Awards. Their album Flood was certified Platinum. Their music has appeared on numerous television programs and films including TV shows Malcolm in the Middle (*sings* "You're not the boss of me now..."), the Drinky Crow Show and movies such as Sky High, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme, and Coraline. Also, if you go to google and type "They"... they are the first thing that comes up :-) Many of us here at Artix Entertainment instantly became fans of TMBG after seeing their crazy MTV music videos and were won over with their original hit songs like "Birdhouse in your Soul," "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," "Dr. Worm" and "Ana NG."

TMBG John L and John F

They Might Be Giants founders John Flansburgh and John Linnell are best known for their unconventional and experimental style. A documentary was made about them called, "Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns". They have been doing no-end of cool things lately, including an appearance on HomeStar Runner for the 200th StrongBad Email. Currently they are on tour. In most locations their opening act happens to be former AQWorld's guest Jonathan Coulton! (Well, he made a cameo... that counts right?) TMBG will be touring in 6 countries and over 50 US cities. Also, they just released their 15th album, Join Us which is available now... everywhere!

TMBG's new album "JOIN US!"

Is that a pink hearse with BigFoot wheels on the cover?

Visit the band's official website where you will find videos, tour dates and can get their awesome music and merch. Then you will know what Cysero means when he says things like, "I don't want the world... I just want your half." Oh, and be sure to follow They Might be Giants on Twitter & FaceBook! We were going to post their MySpace page too... but does anyone actually use MySpace anymore? If you are one of the 3 people left that do, you can probably figure it out.

TMBG Join Us



The Collector is here.... and you are the rarest thing of all!Green and stuff!

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