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The Magic Thief Guest Author Event

Happening right now: Sarah Prineas’ The Magic Thief characters guest star in AQWorlds!

Join us for a fantastical AQWorlds in-game special event with magical literary guest-star, Sarah Prineas. Meet magicians, thieves, nobility, and misery-monsters as her characters cause Chaos! The ley lines which contain Lore’s magic are vulnerable to infection by Chaos. When Drakath uses the nefarious wizard, Pettivox, to infect them, it will be up to you and Conn – a pickpocket turned mage – to save all of the magic (and mages) on Lore! Log into AQWorlds on March 23rd 2012, at sundown for the most magically, massively, manipulative event yet!

Special Event, Magic Thief

WHAT: The Magic Thief guest author event with Sarah Prineas!
WHEN: March 23rd, 2012 at sundown!
WHO: The cast of The Magic Thief novel, the AQWorlds team and YOU!
WHY: Sometimes even the greatest magicians need a little help from a thief!
HOW: Join us in-game, right here at AdventureQuest Worlds

The Magic Thief Cast of Characters

The Magic Thief - Conn


Street-thief turned mage

A talented thief… until he picked the wrong pocket! After attempting to rob the wizard Nevery of his locus magicalicus – what mages on Lore call a focus stone – Conn became his apprentice and began learning the ways of a wizard. Quick of wits and deft of hand, Conn’s past serves him well as he learns the ways of magic!

The Magic Thief - Pettivox


Wizard to the Duchess, Chaorrupted

Corrupt and Chaorrupted, the wizard Pettivox is not afraid to get his hands – or his locus magicalicus – dirty if it will bring him power. Drakath dupes him into kidnapping many of the most powerful mages on Lore in order to taint ALL magic with Chaos!

The Magic Thief - Rowan


Conn’s friend, Duchess’ daughter

Smart, sassy, fiercely loyal and independent, Rowan is NOT going to sit and sew while dangers threaten her home and friends. A student at Wellmet’s Academy of Magic, she’s ready to use the resources at her disposal to help her friend Conn save the world!

The Magic Thief - Benet


Conn’s friend, servant to his teacher

More bodyguard than street-brawler, Benet is the servant of Conn’s teacher, Nevery. He knows his way around Wellmet and prefers baking biscuits to breaking heads. He’ll help you navigate the town when you first arrive… IF you don’t threaten those he protects.

The Magic Thief - Duchess Willa

Duchess Willa

Duchess of Wellmet, Rowan’s mother

Guardian of all who dwell in Wellment, Duchess Willa is strong and determined to safeguard her lands. She’s badly served by her court wizard, Pettivox, who cares more about power than protection. She is ready to help those who wish to keep her people and home safe from harm.

Event Items

Check the design notes for the latest updates!

As with all of our special events, there will be a selection of items and achievements that can be obtained by questing or accessing various shops. There will be more items than the ones listed here. If you want to see more, check the Design Notes!

Event Rares

Embero spell armors – The Embero spell turns a hero into the animal they most resemble. Which will YOU be?:

  • Zard Armor!
  • Sneevil Armor!
  • Gorillaphant Armor!
  • Chaos Chicken Armor!
  • Moglin Armor!
  • Rune Thief armor
    Your own focus stone/locus magicalicus
    Mystical magic and melee weapons galore
    Baron and Baroness of Wellmet armors
  • And more!

Read The Magic Thief series for yourself!

Immerse yourself in the land of Wellmet and the world of The Magic Thief

On behalf of the entire AQWorlds team, we want to thank Sarah Prineas for being a part of this special event! She has generously spent her time and energy helping to make our first guest author event so monumentally magical! If you’ve enjoyed meeting Conn and the rest of the cast of characters that live in Wellmet, we recommend you check out her Young Adult novels! Fun for readers of all ages, the fantastical world she’s created will put you in Conn’s place as you adventure in a land of magic, mystery, and massive mayhem!

Wellmet Map

Good luck during the event!

May the fates favor your swords and spells when you confront Pettivox to save magic from Chaos! The future of Lore’s magic rests in your hands, Hero!

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