Pumpkin Carving Contest

They Came. They Carved. They Squashed the Competition.

An official all-call for pumpkin-carving masters was issued at the start of Mogloween. Heroes from all across Lore equipped their instruments of divine carving and headed into the pumpkin wilderness without hesitation. They returned before the eve of Mogloween, bringing back some of the most amazing pumpkins we had ever seen! We wanted to award the single best pumpkin-sculptor with a mighty hefty prize… but there were so many awesome submissions—it was far too difficult to pick just one winner! So instead, we decided to make more contest categories in addition to the Grand Prize winnners! Congratulations to everyone who participated! Winners will receive their prizes later tonight!

Grand Prize Winners

Chosen in an epic "No.... I like this one!" battle by the team, they each will recieve a 5,000 AdventureCoin prize

"Cauldron Sisters"
"Jack O' Doom"
Vampire Max
Vampire Max

Daimyo’s Arf-Arf Vote

Daimyo traded in his treats to give these pumpkins 1,000 AdventureCoins each


Members Only Pumpkin Award

As legend-only pumpkins can only produce members-only pumpkin pie, each of these carvers were awarded 1,000 Adventure Coins.


Save Chuckles Awareness Pumpkin

For not letting the laughter die... again... the artists who made these pumpkins get 1,000 AdventureCoins.

Xin the Ultimate

Living Deady Award

When we emailed these entries to Voltaire he said, "I AM THE PUMPKIN KING!" and Deady said if we did not give them all prizes he would destory the world on Friday the 13th. Of course he still might. 1,000 AdventureCoins each.

Don’t Try This At Home Award

For being a bad, bad, bad example to pumpkin carvers all over the world... we are actually taking away AdventureCoins for these dangerous pumpkins. -1000 AdventureCoins each and sending him a fire extinguisher in case he enters our December holiday baking contest.

Manicured for Mogloween Award

The makers of these extremely well made pumpkins each recieve 1,000 AdventureCoins.

Shadowscythe Homing Signal Award
For bringing a little extra darkness to Mogloween... Long Unlive the Shadowsythe! +1,000 AdventureCoins.

Uniquely Unique Pumpkin Honor
Ok, we loved the pumpkin carved by a bird. Secretly we know he was trying to carve a Twilly. +100 AdventureCoins

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Pumpkin Carving Contest. What a talented bunch of pumpkin-gutting Heroes we have! You really know how to squash the….uh, squash! Whether your entry was chosen this time or not, we are honored that you participated. Thanks for being a part of Mogloween 2009 history! Carve On!

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