Ayi - Event

Face FEAR itself!

Ayi is the Fear Chaser

What is your greatest fear? The Dark? Spiders? Heights? Beleen's Pink Wardobe? Join us and musical fear-chasing guest Ayi for an all new musical AQWorlds Special Event... where you and our friends on the forums pick the fears, and then we get to FIGHT MONSTEROUS VERSIONS OF THEM!

WHAT: Fear Chaser Musical Event
WHEN: Friday, April 15th, 2010 @ 6pm EST
(This in-game event has ended - see new events here)
WHY: "The only thing to fear... is a SPECIAL EVENT about FEAR itself!"
HOW: In-Game, here at AdventureQuest Worlds




Frequently Asked Awesome Questions!

Q: Will there be rare items?
A: .... oh.... YES!

Q: Will the music be suitable for all audiences?
A: Of course! Just like our other events we carefully select songs that are suitable for players ages 6 to 130.

Q: Will Ayi be voice acting her parts in the cutscenes?
A: Yup! She has this amazing English/Chinese accent... <swoons>. Just remember, she is speaking her parts... when your character has lines, you reed to read yours out loud too!

Q: Do you actually have players age 130
A: Not yet, but we are waiting for you to level up in real life. Hurry!

Q: Is the event FREE?
A: Yes! It is free to play the storyline of the event. There will also be a bonus zone (special boss fight) available for Members with very interesting items.


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