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One missing artist. 7 video games. And 13 cursed artifacts...

A terrifying curse is spreading across the internet via an "infected" Youtube video. Anyone who sees it is *....message lost in static....* and the only way to save her is to recover the 13 cursed artifacts before it's too late.

A warning about the video:

Don't watch it... Don't search for it... Don't...

Your monitor is made of millions of pixels...  At any moment...  one can die and become...  a Phantom Pixel.

It is Artix Entertainment's 12th Birthday and a deadly curse has been unleashed on all 7 of our video games, corrupting the art of 13 treasured artifacts… and the infection is beginning to spread. Collect the artifacts to stop the taint, save those who have been contaminated, and unlock the ultimate prize!

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Unlock the Ultimate Prize: the OmniKnight Blade!

Collecting the 13 artifacts and undoing the curse is a quest for the OmniKnights, our bravest players who play multiple AE games. This is not a quest for the faint of heart… but once complete, you will unlock the OmniKnight Blade in ALL 7 of our games!

  1. Battle through all 7 Artix games to gather the 13 cursed artifacts
  2. Log in at our Portal Site and link all 7 of your game accounts
  3. Go to the "Quests" section of the Portal Site and scan your game accounts
  4. Log into each of your game accounts to unlock a shop with the OmniKnight Blade
OmniKnight Blade Image
Kurok Gravefang Image
Battle Kurok Gravefang, the Werepyre Lich in AQWorlds

Curses are dark spells, and the power contained inside these dead pixels is very, very strong. That is why Kurok Gravefang, a Werepyre Lich has raised a massive army to hunt for the 13th Artifact - Death's Hourglass. Before you can stop the Curse of the Phantom Pixel, you'll need to defeat Gravefang to stop him from getting the Hourglass first… or else!

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