13 Lords of Chaos

AQWorlds Battle Bar!


Old Features

  • Earn AdventureCoins when you search!
  • Shows friends online (Click to instantly access your friends list)
  • Displays Gold, AdventureCoins, and Level (Click for your character page)
  • Quick links to Play and view the design notes!
  • Works with Internet Explorer & Firefox

Help & Suggestions

  • Official Battle Bar Forum Thread
    Thank you Beowolve for this guide!

  • All Options are not Displaying
    If you only see the logo and search (and not the other features like level, gold, ac, and links) then the bar does not know who you are. It is easy to fix. First, I would like to explain how it works. The first time you logged in to download the AQWorld Toolbar using the box above, it set a cookie containing only your AQWorlds User Name. The bar needs this cookie to know who you are. This is how it knows who to give AdventureCoins to, which character page is yours, etc. If for any reason that cookie is deleted (examples: Your privacy settings do not allow the cookie to be set or you cleared your cookies) then the Toolbar will not know who you are. You can easily reset the cookie by:

    1. Relogin using the form below. It should say, "Greetings! Setup Completed." which means your cookie has been set
    2. Click the Login button on the toolbar!

      In most of our tests this solved the issue. We found that some wierd issues could be solved by setting your Browser's Privacy settings to Default. You can also uninstall the Toolbar and try reinstalling.

  • The Toolbar is causing problems with my browser
    If the Battle Bar is giving you any technical difficulty, simply uninstall it. It is really neat, but not worth the hassle if it is causing you problems.

  • My Browser has too many tool bars, how can I make it less cluttered?
    Great question! Here is how my browser looks. (This is Artix by the way.) I use IE, Firefox and Chrome but am just showing Internet Explorer 8 here.

    I use the Menu Bar, AQWorld Toolbar, Tabs and then at the bottom of the screen I use the status bar. You can determine which tool bars you want to show or hide by going to your menu and selecting View > Toolbars

    You can free up a lot of screen space by only showing the toolbars you absolutely need. Also, you can hit F11 to make your browser go Full screen. Go ahead and give it a try. You can hit F11 again to return the screen to normal.

  • Buttons open the Web Page in my Current Window
    Yes, that is correct. Because not all browsers support tabs, using buttons on the toolbar will open the page in your current window. So if you are playing AQWorlds, be sure to open a new tab first.

  • I keep searching over and over... why am I not earning more AC?
    Spamming searches will not earn you AdventureCoins. The tool bar was designed to reward users for using Yahoo! search normally. Otherwise we would be ripping off the people advertising on Yahoo, right? (They are the ones paying for the coins you get) The system that is in place is very fair and over time you will find that you earned a large sum of AdventureCoins that you can use to obtain special items in game. If you NEED AdventureCoins right now, you can buy them through the Upgrade Pages.

  • Help! My Question is not listed here...
    Try looking at the Support Thread in our forums for an answer to your question. We will add answers to the most common questions here as they are answered. Thank you!


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