Greetings friends! Artix here and I want to warmly thank everyone who has been a part of the AdventureQuest 3D Tech Demo. I am excited to say it has been a complete success! So the game project is about to upgrade it's status from "Tech Demo" to "Alpha Test" along with the release of the final, official AdventureQuest 3D Account system. This new system will allow you to login to all versions of the game (including the upcoming Apple iOS and Android phone/tablet versions.) As a reward to all of you who tested, we are giving you a special AdventureQuest Worlds badge and ultra rare weapon drawn by Dage :-) Having this on your AdventureQuest Worlds account will be proof of your involvement in the Tech Demo... and when you link it to your new shiny AQ3D account, the game will know :-)

This is your last chance to login and participate in the Tech Demo. and yes, you only need to log in once to qualify as a tester. Currently, upgraded Members of AdventureQuest Worlds may access the server. Please follow my official Artix Krieger facebook page where I will be posting behind the scenes things as we build together. BATTLE ON!