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Official Release notes of our major game upgrade

We just increased the level cap to 30, released stats, a new inventory interface, rebalanced classes, room-wide attacks, health potions, weapon procs, speed improvements, new enhancements, and much more...


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New class skills including group heals!

Version 1.0 Released
After extensive testing on the Public Test Realm, AQW 1.0 is now available. This update includes a wide range of new features, which you can learn about here. You may also want to read through our Player Handbook, available at

New Features

AQW has a newly designed stats system, which is designed to help make gear choices more fun without placing so much emphasis on stats that newer players are left out.

Our system focuses on the standard stats found in most RPGS: Strength, Intellect, Dexterity, Wisdom, Endurace, and Luck. We also have the following secondary stats: Attack Power, Magic Power, Critical Strike Chance, Haste, Evasion Chance, Critical Strike Value, and Hit Chance.

Your character always has some baseline stats, which change depending on what class you currently are. In additional, equippable items may give you additional stats through their Enhancements, which are described below.

In general, Strength and Dexterity are for physical classes, while Intellect and Wisdom are for caster classes. For more information, please consult the Character Overview Panel in-game by hitting "c" or clicking on the "Character Panel" icon on the main menu in the lower right corner of the screen.

In order for most items to be equipped (other than pets, costumes, amulets, and potions), they must first be Enhanced. Enhancements apply stat values to items, which are then applied to your character when you equip them.

Enhancements must be purchased from stores throughout the game. Your class trainer will offer a "smart shop", offering you Enhancements suitable for your level. Non-upgraded Enhancements are only offered for one slot per level (completing a set every 4 levels), whereas member-only Enhancements are available for every slot at every level, with a slight bonus as well.

Enhancements will be a major part of the game from now on, and will be focused on in "end game" areas that will be designed for players at the level cap (currently 30).

Please consult the Player Handbook for more information about the Enhancement process itself at

Level Cap
The new level cap in 1.0 is 30. Players will find that quests reward substantially more experience than they used to, and that experience requirements per level have been lowered. Leveling is generally much easier up to level 20. We will be adding content to help people reach 30 in our weekly releases. Each time the level cap is raised in the future, we'll follow a similar pattern of making it easy to get to the old level cap, and challenging to get to the new one.

AQW 1.0 allows PvP, although we are not releasing content for this feature immediately. Adding new PvP areas is our top priority right now. When they are available, PvP areas will be accessible through the PvP Queue, which is a new feature of the user interface (UI hereafter).

PvP is restricted to designated areas only; it is not possible to simply attack other players anywhere.

Information about rewards will be available as the content comes out.

Combat Mechanics
Combat mechanics have been modified extensively for version 1.0. You will find a lot of helpful information for your class on the Character Overview Panel in-game by hitting "c" or clicking on the "Character Panel" icon on the main menu in the lower right corner of the screen.

One major hilight of the new system is mana regeneration. All classes now have a fixed mana pool of 100 MP. Each special action costs a certain number of points to use, and all classes have some way of earning mana while in combat so that they can fight for much longer than was previously possible. Please check the Character Overview panel for tips about how to regenerate mana for your current class.

You will also find that some attacks are now AoE ("Area of Effect") attacks. Examples include the Proto Sartorium's Arc Lightning, which bounces between monsters and deals more damage with each bounce, or the Healer's Healing Word, which now also heals friendly units around the main target for a small amount.

We have also added a global cooldown to all abilities other than AutoAttack. This means that every time you use an ability, all abilities will be on cooldown for 1.5 seconds. This is primarily done to limit burst damage in PvP, where a class with many direct damage abilities such as Berserker could otherwise unload a huge amount of damage on a target almost instantly.

Healing has been made much easier with the inclusing of a Healing Icon. The Icon will pop up over any player who has just taken more than 10% of their HP in damage, or who is below 50% health, if you are playing a class that has a primary heal spell (currently only Paladins and Healers, but more are coming). Clicking this icon will automatically heal that player. This makes Healers much more group-friendly, which is important, because you will need them now.

On a related note, bosses are angry about all the improvements to player classes, and are now hitting a lot harder than they used to. Players are strongly encouraged to try classes with strong enemy damage rection (like the Mage's Ice Shard and the Frozen Blood aura it leaves), and/or strong healing.

Every ability in the game has been adusted to match the new mana system and damage potential of players with significant mana regeneration. Details are broken out below.

We now have potions and spell scrolls in AQW. You may notice that your last action on the action bar is a greyed-out slot that says you can equip consumable items to use them there. These items would include things like Health Potions, or say Scroll of Chain Lightning. You can equip them from your inventory, and then this action will attempt to use the item to cast a spell.

Out-of-combat HP and MP regeneration has been added, reducing the need to /rest as frequently.

Classes: General
As described above in Combat Mechanics, all classes have undergone significant changes. These changes serve several purposes:

  • Make all classes stronger, longer lasting, faster, and more interactive
  • Balance the class against other classes in the new mana and combat system
  • Give the class a role, since you can easily change classes
  • Give the class a strength and a weakness in PvP

That said, the main purpose of all of the class development was to make them stronger and more fun to play overall. We think we have done a good job, and the overall reaction from PTR players was very strong. However, these changes are not necessarily carved in stone, and classes may be adjusted in reaction to player feedback, as well as our own assessment of design goals and how well they are being met.

Classes: Individual breakdowns
Coming soon. For more information, please consult the Character Overview Panel in-game by hitting "c" or clicking on the "Character Panel" icon on the main menu in the lower right corner of the screen. You will see mana regeneration tips, stat recommendations, and ability descriptions for your current class.


User Interface
The Inventory and Shop panels have been completely rebuilt. This new layout is designed to make critical information much clearer and easier to find, while also allowing the new Enhancement process to be as simple and informative as possible. Please consult the Player Handbook for more information about the Enhancement process itself at

The chat frame can now be hidden, or expanded to fill the screen vertically. The toggles for these states are accessible in the lower left corner of the interface, next to the chat entry bar.

Monster levels will eventually be represented by a number of either stars or skulls, depending on the difficulty of the monster. So a level 20 regular monster might show as 2 stars, and a level 30 monster as 3 stars, but a level 20 boss would show as 2 skulls. We are still testing this system, so for now, you will see both levels and stars.

The Options panel has been redesigned, and now allows hiding your cloak or helm, as well as making most other settings persistent on the server, allowing your settings to be remembered if you log in from another location.

The Character Overview panel is now available from either the main menu (bottom right corner), or by hitting "c" on your keyboard. It provides mana regeneration tips, stat recommendations, and ability descriptions for your current class.

More to come soon! See you in game!

Homepage updates!

The Play by Play: April 13th, 2010

Artix was posting updates to the homepage as the day unfolded. A lot of unexpected challenges can present themself during simple updates... let alone a bit one like this! It is interesting to watch the team battle their way through the bugs and issues, ultimately making the game better for all of us. Read on to see how it happened. It sorta works better if you scroll to the bottom and read up. Of course you can read it straight down and it will play out a little bit like the movie momento.

AdventureQuest, now with 100% more "real" game!

  • 7:00pm Comments
    "I've missed leveling up so much. This is fun"
    "Feels more balanced!"
    "Boss fights are a real challenge now. Really fun!"
    "Good job! I'm feeling a lot more powerful."
    "The new interface is nice. Love the item previews!"
    "Healing means something!"
    "I officially declare AQW is now a real MMO."
    "Can I haz mod?"
    5:45pm The game is running smooth! We are currently pulling out the Nerf-Hammer to fix some over powered monsters.
  • 4:57pm Servers down: Upgrading the game.... we will be right back! *plays elevator music*
  • 4:50pm10 minute warning to restart servers! (Fixes include: Shop, Kitsune, Sell-back confirmation, lots of typos, and incomprehensible errors of doom!) Go bug squishing mallet... go! Also, side note: You are now able to go to your house even if your house has the max number of peopled allowed in a room!
  • 4:00pm Thank you for everyone who has been supporting us and encouraging us during this challenging release! We are getting ready to release the fixes and restart the servers. I apologize if I have not been able to respond to your tells -- look at the flood of purple on my screen. Crazy!
  • 3:48pm Beleen just posted that the Rixty Ripper went live (originally supposed to go live yesterday). Read her post below for details.
  • 3:30pm You might be wondering why I have been so quiet in game... normally on a big release I use the moderator broadcast to send messages to all of the servers. *whispers* It broke.
  • 3:15pm If things go well with this release, we are looking to release the 1st PvP map on Friday. There are a lot of problems... but the game is actually functioning (which comes as a surprise to us all!) so if we keep on pushing and never give up we will have everything working in no time!
  • 3:00pm The lag is surprisingly good! We have a TON of bug fixes. (My favorite is Cyser-Yulgar) We are squishing them as you read this!
  • 2:45pm Official AdventureQuest Worlds 1.0 Post you can help by posting bug reports here. Also, Necromancer class which was being tested on the PTR has been converted to a "Necromancer Token." Hold on to this if you have one!!!
  • 2:38pm 5 things broke... 6..... 7..... restarting!
    2:38pm Servers online! Brace yooouuurrrseeeelf!
  • 2:35pm Files rolled, maps tested, everything seems to be in order... what could possibly go wrong? Preparing to bring up the servers in 5 minutes.
  • 2:16pm Servers offline for the upgrade to AdventureQuest 1.0! While you are waiting for the servers to come back up... it is a great time to support the game and our weekly updates by becoming a Member.
  • 2:09pm Preparing to shut down the live servers!
  • 2:02pm Thanks again to everyone who helped test on the PTR. None of this would have been possible without your help. Now.... lets crash some live servers!
  • 1:52pm The team has grouped up in our strange version of a cyber group-huddle and are preparing for the release.... will update you on each step!
  • 1:45pm Boss monsers fixed! Moving files to the staging server and creating a backup.
  • 1:00pm Be very careful with some of the skills like the Paladin's "Blinding Light". It attacks ALL monsters on the screen. Even if you are not in combat with them! Also, all of your skills will now unlock faster when repping up a class.
  • 12:35pm Here is what is left before release: Boss monster fixing (50%), Global Cool down fix (80%), Stats & Enhancements handbook, and an update to the town of Battleon. Also Minimal has a HUGE list of everything that has been changed/improved that will go live. ETA? As soon as humanly possible... promise!
  • 12:20pm The new interface brings up a preview for ALL items when you click on them. We are sure this will not tank our network due to gazzillions of files being opened as we all rapidly click through shops. 9,812 players on live servers, 567 players on the PTR. *gulps*
  • 12:12pm The boss monsters on the PTR have started one shotting players. (Kitsune is MAD hitting for ~1,000 a hit) Fixing!
  • 11:59am The 1st players hit level 21 on the PTR (of course this was due to an unexpected XP carry over bug...) We are reviewing our final check list! It is almost time!
  • 11:31am Minimal is updating the PTR with the final set of fixes for last minute testing! <cross your fingers>
  • 11:20am We are getting close!
  • 11:05am Zhoom is running a database update which will give the PTR achievement to anyone with Necromancer armor in their backpack (in case you did not get the PTR tester achievement this week.) If you have not gotten the achievement yet, you still have time -- just log into the PTR (member only) and you will get it automatically.
  • 11:00am Miko & Beleen are working on a Stats & Enhancements handbook for you. They are still editing it and do not know I linked it to you already.. whoops!
  • 10:50am Adding "Rarity" to items. 99.9% of items will be unknown rarity until we can go through all couple thousand of them and add them by hand. Maybe our friends at the AQW Wiki can help?
  • 10:34am The new enhancements have lots of stats on them. When the change goes live... you will want to visit your class trainer to find the very best enhancements and stats for your class type.
  • 10:15am Fixed. Minimal says, "Try the new client! It's cool and refreshing" Testers reply, "Mmmm. Delicious!" (Is anyone else getting hungry?) We are changing a large number of things... it looks like the launch will happen around noon. The updates will keep coming though!
  • 10:00am ACK! Wave of unexpected bugs..... (this is what we get for making last minute edits ~3am in the morning.)
  • 9:40am We are preparing our check list. Minimal, Llusien, Miko, and Dumoose are ready for action.
  • 9:32am Cysero and Beleen arrived here at the Secret Underground Lab
  • 9:30am Goodmorning! - as tradition for a potentially game destorying major functionality release... I made a special stop on the way here and got a Hot Cocco and and a marble loaf. It is said that certain diviners can tell the future using the swirls on a marble loaf. But it is going to be difficult for them to do that now... unless they find a way into my stomach.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this release!

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