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AQWorlds Power Gems

Get your Free Power Gem

Use Power Gems to buy epic items from the Power Gem Shop that Twilly, the red Moglin, has opened in Battleon. So... are you ready to become Lore's greatest Power Gem hero?

Here is how to get Power Gems:

  • Make sure your AQWorlds Game Account has a Confirmed Email.
  • Every week, check your AQWorlds Newsletter delivered to your email inbox.
  • Click the special link that you will find in the Newsletters.

What are Power Gems?

A Power Gem is a time-sensitive special item that is awarded to you for checking the weekly AQW newsletter. Power Gems are stackable, meaning that each week you can get another Power Gem just by reading the AQW newsletter. Really, it's that simple! Furthermore, Power Gems are marked as an "AC Item" so that means you can store them in your bank for free and forever. When you have collected enough Power Gems, you can buy awesome items from Twilly's Power Gem Shop in Battleon.

Twilly StumpWhat are Power Gems used for?

Power Gems are the only currency accepted in Twilly’s Power Gem Shop. The Power Gem Shop is loaded with FREE items that you are eager to equip and show off. Additionally, every Item in the Power Gem shop is marked as an "AC Item" so you can store it in your bank for free forever! More Power Gem-exclusive items will be added to the Power Gem shop in the future. No one knows if these Power Gem items will go Rare, so make sure you get them all if you hope to be Lore's greatest Power Gem hero!

How do I get Power Gems?

Earning a Power Gem is as simple as reading the weekly AQW newsletter! A section in the newsletter, cleverly titled "Power Gems" includes a one-of-a-kind link that will give you 1 free Power Gem in AQWorlds. As long as you have a Confirmed Email—your real email that you check everyday—you can get a free Power Gem every week! But make sure you check the AQW newsletter as soon as you get it, because the Power Gem link provided is only good for 21 days. If you forget to check your email for awhile, you'll need to click the Power Gem link in the oldest newsletter first. If you click a Power Gem link in a newer newsletter, the older Power Gem links won't work. Don't forget to check your AQW newsletter every week!

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