What are your payment packages?

AdventureQuest Worlds has Membership Packages to play as a Member. While you can play the game for free, you definitely get more if you upgrade and become a Member. We do not have any re-occuring charges. You must choose to upgrade each time you want a membership package. When a package expires, it does not automatically renew you.

Epic Legend Perks and Features

  • Create your own Guild and invite your friends
  • 3,000+ items are Member-Only
  • Master more than 20 special Classes
  • Wield powerful & rare Weapons
  • Don yourself in amazing Armors
  • Explore exclusive Member-Only Areas
  • Dual-wield Swords & Shields
  • Increase your Weapon damage
  • Adopt hundreds of Pets
  • Collect Seasonal Rare Items
  • Access Member-Only Servers
  • Be the first to test new functionality
  • Engage in Challenge Boss Fights
  • Play through Member-Only Storylines and Quests loaded with Gold and Exp
    Buff the curb appeal of your castle, pirate ship, giant skull, or starship with swanky house itemsĀ 
  • Receive 2 free Treasure Chest Keys from Twilly at the first of every month
    Earn 50 ACs for each Treasure Chest Key you sell back
    Flaunt your Membership Badge on your Character Page
    Unlock an elite Armor Set with the 1 Year Membership Package

Membership Packages:
$57.95 : 12 Month Membership Plus 7,000 AdventureCoins
$39.95 : 6 Month Membership Plus 2,500 AdventureCoins
$19.95 : 3 Month Membership Plus 1,000 AdventureCoins

We also offer a special in-game currency called AdventureCoins. AdventureCoins allow you to purchase special items only available if you have AdventureCoins. Items purchased with AdventureCoins can be stored in your character's bank for free and forever, no matter how many items you collect throughout your adventures. You can also earn free AdventureCoins by participating in our AExtras and using the BattleBar.

Adventure Coins Packages:
$39.95 : 12,000 Adventure Coins
$19.95 : 5,000 Adventure Coins
$ 9.95 : 2,000 Adventure Coins

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