2nd Lords of Chaos

Xing and Xang: Chaos Twins

Chaos is unpredictable, and this is why we haven't fought Xing and Xang yet, even though Drakath made them the Second Chaos Lords. However, they have been meddling in many of Lore's other areas and sagas. This section will contain many spoilers for some of the other areas.

Note: Possible spoilers ahead! Be warned, be wary, and be VICTORIOUS in the battle against Chaos!

1st Meeting: Save BattleOn!

When you are torn between choosing the powers of Good or siding with Evil, the Chaos Twins - Xing and Xang - first meet Drakath, Champion of Chaos! They become his 2nd Lords of Chaos, but you will not battle them until you meet them many, many more times!

Their first advenure in causing Chaos has them aiming 2 GIANT meteorites straight at the town of Battleon! Talk to Warlic in Battleon to relive the "Save Battleon!" event where all of the heroes in Lore joined together to move the entire town:

  • 2nd Lords of Chaos
  • Meeting of the Mages
  • Teleporting Town
  • Warlic & Cysero
  • Teleporting Town... Again!

2nd Meeting: The Temptation of Nythera

During Nythera's Saga, the Twins tempt Nythera, a half-dragon Void Mage, with Chaotic powers! Journey to Guwio Village and talk to Nythera to begin the Purple Mage's adventures with Chaos!

/Join Guwio to begin the adventure:

  • Choose to sneak or charge into battle
  • Slay Snow Golems as you storm the fortress
  • Watch the fallout after Nythera makes her choice... and see what the Twins have done to the Purple Mage!

3rd Meeting: The Unbalance Begins

During your journies through Bloodtusk Ravine, you'll encounter Xing and Xang once again! As you battle to save the Horcs and Trolls of the ravine from Chaos (incited by the Twins, of course!), discover Drakath's secret plan... and why Xang, the Good Chaos Twin, is NOT who she appears to be!

/Join Bloodtusk to begin the adventure:

  • Answer the riddles asked by the Oracle of the Crossroads before the Eclipse
  • Summon the Twins and ask them FIVE questions... if you dare
  • Discover the truth about just why Xing and Xang are SO Chaotic

4th Meeting: War of the Worlds in Chaos

During The Span, work to end Chaos caused by Xing and Xang when they begin interfering with Professor Iadoa's* golems. They later help Iadoa succumb to Chaos and become the Chaos Lord he is meant to be.

*Note: His name stands for "I Am the Destroyer of All!" But is he on your side... or Drakath's?!

/Join TheSpan to begin the adventure:

  • Defend your world and ALL of the worlds of Lore from Chaos
    (it's the only way you'll ever see them!)
  • Discover who has Chaorrupted TheSpan's Golems
    (take a wild guess!)
  • Foil the traitor's plot and save your own life
    (because you're the only one who can!)

5th Meeting: Chaorruption of Lionfang

In ThunderForge, Xing and Xang appear before Maximilian Lionfang after he has been defeated by the Hero and the alliance of Good and Evil to turn him Chaotic and, ultimately, the 11th Chaos Lord. The Tears of the Mother weep not just for Lionfang, but for all her Chaorrupted children!

/Join Blackhorn to begin the adventure:

  • Quest for the Tears of the Mother to save King Alteon from Chaorruption
  • Pass through the Death Fog (of DOOOOOOOOOOM!)
  • Make one of the most difficult choices in AQWorlds... and live with your decision

6th Meeting: Through the Mirror Realm

Everything is backwards in the Mirror Realm, and EVERYONE has an opposite... except you! Work with Mirror Drakath to stop Xing and Xang from removing you from ALL the realms of Lore... forever! 

/Join Battleoff to begin the adventure:

  • Discover a new world where everything you know is backwards
  • Help your worst enemy, who is now your best friend, save the world
  • Make sure YOU do not get erased from ALL the worlds of Lore...
  • And begin the battle to take down the Twins... For Good! (And Evil!) (AND CHAOS!!!!)

You can find ALL the details on how to play through Xing and Xang's story on our Wiki! Many thanks to the wiki contributors who compiled all this information!

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