Subject: Payment Failed or Declined

If you tried to make a payment to us with a credit/debit card or a PayPal account, and received a message that the payment failed, or declined, here are the most common reasons:

  • Entering wrong information including billing address, credit/debit card info
  • Reaching UltimatePay/PlaySpan/PayPal's monthly purchasing limit
  • There is an issue with your bank/credit card account - ex. not enough funds
  • You are entering a billing address in one country but are physically in another
  • There is some other issue with your location, billing address or cards
AQWorlds Account Name:
Email Address Used for Payment:
Type Email Again:

Please select the type of payment that failed or was declined:
Payment Type:

Please share as much information about your help request in the Comment section so we can assist you in a timely manner. If you made a payment and don't know your Transaction ID, please send us the buyer name and buyer email used for the payment in the comment box. Please Include the Following:
  1. First and last name used for the payments.
  2. The date and time you attempted the transactions.
  3. The number of times the payment was attempted.
  4. Your City, State/Region, and Zip/Postal Code, and Country

Once we let you know what happened, you can try to pay again after 24 hours or you can use a different payment method. If we cannot tell why your payment was declined, cannot force the payment through, and new attempts are still not accepted: Please contact the payment provider (UltimatePay, PayPal, etc.) directly for help as they can see information we do not have access to.

(Use ENGLISH please)
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