What can I do to prevent disconnects?

To prevent disconnects and other things that can severely impact the performance of the game, we recommend disabling certain programs when playing our game, and then re-enabling these programs once you are finished playing.

Please try and disable then re-enable these programs to see if this helps any game disconnects:

  • Windows Defender
  • Any 3rd Party Software that may alter the game client - this includes any cheating/hacking programs, which are not allowed!
  • Any streaming services active in the background - this includes any music or video programs you have open
  • Certain IRC clients
  • Try unequipping your pet to see if that helps

Other things that can affect your game play are:

  • Unusually high latency
  • A wireless connection that has intermittent latency spikes
  • Any other clients or programs running in the background
  • Too many tabs open in your web browser

Here is how you can check your latency:

  • Login to AQWorlds and choose the Twilly server
  • Go to your Start Menu, and type CMD
  • Type the following: ping
  • Check the values in the 'time' column
  • If the number is above 250 or if it spikes to 1000 or more, you may have a connection issue and need to contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance

PLEASE NOTE - We are not responsible for any issues caused to your registry for trying these suggestions.

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