I have a technical problem with the game!

If you are stuck at the Login screen and are unable to progress to play the game, or you can't login due to a technical problem, here are the things you need to try.

  • Try unequipping your pet. This fixes many issues.
  • Check www.AQ.com to see if there are important announcements, such as 'Server Offline for Maintenance.'
  • Try logging into the Manage Your Account page to make sure that your user name and password are correct.
  • Click on the Play button from www.AQ.com, to make sure that you are connecting to a live game server.
  • Don't use any cheat program to login! They can cause problems, and your account can be permanently disabled for doing so! We will not help you if you've been cheating.

Here is a list of things you can try to help fix any technical issues you may be having that is preventing you from logging into the game:

  • Completely close out all browsers and restart your computer and then try to login and play again.
  • Clearing your browser's cache/temporary internet files/recent history/cookies is the number one way to fix any issues. Here is a Lorepedia Guide for more information! Here is also a great WikiHow page for further assistance on how to clear your browser's cache.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Flash Plugin for your web browser. If you are using an older version, this can cause problems logging in and playing the game.
  • Try using a different web browser. We recommend using Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • Try using a different computer or internet connection to see if that resolves the issue.
  • Try connecting on a different day of the week or time of day than you normally do.
  • Scan your computer for any viruses, spyware, trojan software or ad-ware.
  • Try temporarily turning off your Anti-Virus software, Anti-Spyware, Parental Controls, Firewalls, etc. Some of these can block the Flash Plugin.
  • If you are able to login but nothing happens after you choose your character or select a server, your computer or local network may be blocking our game port which is 5588. Try turning off any firewall software and then try playing again. If that works, your firewall is blocking port 5588. Please check your firewall documentation for how to open a specific port.
  • Turn off anything else that might be interfering with your connection to the game servers. This includes any software or extra configuration that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have provided for you to speed up your net connection.

If you can login and play from a different computer or internet connection, then the problem is definitely specific to your computer or internet connection. Please try and resolve whatever that issue is on your end or ask a family member for help.

If you can't login and play from a different computer or internet connection, and are possibly seeing an old version of the game, it means that your Internet Service Provider (or school, work or library network) are caching (storing) an old version of the game files on their network. When this happens, instead of loading the new game files from our game server, you get an older stored copy from your ISP or network. ISPs usually clear out their storage on a schedule. Usually once a day, but we have heard of some that store files for a long time.

PLEASE NOTE - If you HAVE NOT tried ALL of the steps above before contacting us, we will require you to do them before we can offer any other solutions. 99% of technical problems are solved by clearing your browser's cache/temporary internet files/recent history/cookies and restarting your computer.

Also, what you are experiencing could be the result of a bug/glitch in the game. Please report all bugs for AQWorlds via the Artix Entertainment Bug Hunter System! We have a team of BugHunters who will look for any bugs, glitches, typos, etc and SQUASH THEM!

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