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How do I pay with PayGarden (Store Gift Cards)?

For our US players, we now offer the option to pay with PayGarden! You can trade major store brand gift cards for AdventureCoins! If you have a store gift card you think you will never use or if you have a leftover balance of at least $10, you can trade it in for ACs!

Here is how to pay with PayGarden:

Please note, the only store gift cards that we are able to accept are the ones listed on our site. If there are other ones listed on PayGarden's website that are not listed on our site (such as Starbucks and Barnes & Noble), this is because those store gift cards charge a higher fee, so will not be accepted.

If you need assistance with your purchase or have any questions about a payment not received yet or a payment that was refunded/canceled/disputed, here is PayGarden's FAQ and their Contact Form. You can also email them directly at

Please note, PayGarden is different from OpenBucks, where you can purchase a specific store gift card (like from Subway, CVS, etc) and purchase an AQWorlds upgrade. If you need help with OpenBucks, here is our Help Page.

contactIf you need to contact us directly, please email us via our email form for further assistance.

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