What payment packages do you offer?

AdventureQuest Worlds has Membership Packages to play as a Legend. While you can play the game for free, you definitely get more if you upgrade and become a Legend. We do not have any re-occuring charges. You must choose to upgrade each time you want a membership package. When a package expires, it does not automatically renew you. We don't have any reocurring fees or subscriptions.

If you become a Legend you can:

  • Unlock Chat
  • Equip Pets
  • Use the most Powerful & Rare items
  • Enter Exclusive Legend-Only Areas
  • Increase your Weapons Damage
  • Special Class Armors
  • Access the Legend-Only Server
  • Bonus AdventureCoins
  • New - special blue name!
  • ...and so much more!

Membership Packages:

  • $62.95 - 12 Month Membership Plus 11,000 Adventure Coins
  • $57.95 - 12 Month Membership Plus 6,000 Adventure Coins
  • $44.95 - 6 Month Membership Plus 7,500 Adventure Coins
  • $39.95 - 6 Month Membership Plus 2,500 Adventure Coins
  • $24.95 - 3 Month Membership Plus 6,000 Adventure Coins
  • $19.95 - 3 Month Membership Plus 1,000 Adventure Coins
  • $ 9.95 - 1 Month Membership. No Adventure Coins. Available only by SMS.

There are also special offers/promos we have that may pop up for you to get a membership for a one time lower price, extra rare items, boosts, etc. Keep an eye out for any special offers/promos as they are available for a limited time!

We also offer a special in game currency called AdventureCoins. AdventureCoins allow you to purchase special items only available if you have AdventureCoins. Most of our AC packages also come with special items. You can also earn free AdventureCoins by participating in our AExtras and using the BattleBar.

Adventure Coins Packages:

  • $39.95 - 12,000 Adventure Coins
  • $19.95 - 5,000 Adventure Coins
  • $ 9.95 - 2,000 Adventure Coins
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