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How do I pay by Mail?

We also offer the option to mail us a payment directly. This is, however, our slowest payment option. We recommend online payments for both speed and convenience.

Here are basic steps how to pay by Mail:

If you cannot print out the Mail in Form, please write the information neatly by hand. If you want to pay in another currency other than USD, please use the currency conversion site Please round up to make sure you are sending enough money.

You must use the information from the Mail in Form because it includes your character ID number, which is critical for upgrading your account or character. We recommend that you use Delivery Confirmation so that you can track your mail in payment from your home to our office.

We only accept a postal money order or check if you would like to mail in a payment. We suggest using a money order instead of a check as we deposit checks in batches and it may take some time for your check to be deposited. We do not recommend you send us cash, and if you do so, you send it at your own risk. We are not responsible for any mail in payments or cash lost in the mail.

It can take us anywhere from several business days to several business weeks to receive your mail in payment, depending on the postal service and where you live. We do not have any control on how long it takes us to receive your mail in payment. Once we receive it, we process your payment, which can take several business days. Once it has been processed, we will upgrade your account or character and an email will be sent to your current email on file confirming your upgrade purchase.

contactIf you have any questions or issues about a mail in payment, please email us.

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