How do I pay with Amazon?

For our US players, we now offer the option to pay with your Amazon account!

Here is how to pay with Amazon:

  • Choose which upgrade you would like either in-game or via
  • Choose Amazon as your payment method
  • You will then be redirected to Amazon's site where you will be prompted to login
  • You may be prompted to also confirm your card and billing information
  • After that information is confirmed, you can complete your purchase!

We offer multiple upgrades via Amazon as well, including the Amazon Warrior class with 1000 AdventureCoins. Just search for "Artix Entertainment" and you will see a whole list! Also make sure to read about How Account Linking Works under the BUY NOW button.

You can only have one Amazon Warrior class at a time. If you do receive the Amazon Warrior class and then sell it, if you purchase another upgrade through Amazon, you will receive the Amazon Warrior class again.

We cannot assist customers with most Amazon payment issues as we don't have access to their system, so you most likely will have to contact Amazon via the Amazon Games & Software Downloads Help Section. They also have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which includes a link to their Customer Service. Please keep in mind that all sales are final according to the Amazon Games and Software Terms of Use

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