Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an AQWorlds question about your account, payment, etc? Most questions are answered here!

Q. I am having a login problem, help!

If you are having a login problem, it could be as simple as sending you your password or updating your email. If you are not sure why you cannot login, please visit the Login Problems? Help Page. You can also email us through there if you need further assistance.

Q. How do I contact someone for help?

Most of our help pages have email forms! Emailing is the fastest and easiest way to get help and all emails are answered the same business day or the next business day, unless we have high email volume or it's a US holiday - then it can take up to 3 business days. All emails are answered by real people – we don't use fancy robots! More information can be found in our Contact Us Page.

Q. How do I chat?

If you are over 13 years old, all you have to do is confirm your email address in order to chat! Don't know how to confirm your email? Just visit the How do I confirm my email address? Help Page. This Help Page also includes information on how to update your birthdate if it is incorrect. Chat is also offered to any players who purchase a Membership - even if you are under 13 years old. More information about purchasing a Membership can be found in the AQWorlds Memberships/ACs Page.

Q. How do I become a mod, tester or staff member?

When AQWorlds needs new Mods/Testers, the AQWorlds Team will make an announcement in the Game Design Notes with more information. Usually an announcement for new Mods/Testers is issued a few times a year. You MUST be 18 years old or over to apply and send ALL of the information requested to be considered. More information can be found in the How do I become a mod, tester or staff member? Help Page.

Q. Where is the upgrade I purchased?

Did you purchase an upgrade and didn't receive it yet? There could be two reasons you have not received your upgrade yet - it hasn't been processed or approved yet or your payment failed/declined and if you used a debit card, you may see a temporary pre-authorization that will not post. Please visit the I paid for an upgrade but I haven't received it! or the I have a failed/declined payment issue! Help pages for more information, depending on what happened with your payment.

Q. My payment failed/declined, what do I do?

If you tried to make a payment with a credit/debit card or PayPal and the payment failed or was declined, please visit the I have a failed/declined payment issue! Help page for more information. The most common reasons that a payment fails or is declined is from entering wrong billing/card information or there is some other kind of issue with your card, PayPal account, billing information or financial institution.

Q. How do I report someone in-game?

If someone is breaking one of the Artix Rules in-game, you can always report them via our in-game reporting system and our in-game mods can investigate. To report or ignore someone, click on that character's avatar/icon and there are options to ignore and/or report them. You can also type /ignore playername and /report playername. You can only report/ignore players in game, not via email, the forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Q. How do I report a site that is scamming/phishing/stealing, etc?

To report a site, such as a private server, a site that is phishing for player information and scamming players or a site that has hacks/cheats/bots, please email us through the Copyright Violations Email Form.

Q. How do I report an in-game bug/glitch?

If you experience a bug or glitch in-game, we have a whole team of Bug Hunters who check Bug Reports daily via the Artix Entertainment Bug Hunter System. Please report them there so you can help squash them!

Q. How do I change the email/password/name on my account?

If you need to change the current email, password or username on the account, please login to your account via the Account Management Page. Click here for help changing your password, click here for help changing your account email address, or click here for more information on how to change your username.

Q. Where can I find out about something in-game?

If you need more information about something in-game, please visit our Game Help Section for Information about the game, about the staff and BattleOn Forums information can be found there.

Q. I lost my stuff, what do I do?

We are sorry you lost your stuff. More information about this can be found in the I lost my equipment, items, AdventureCoins, etc! Help Page.

Q. Why am I muted?

If you break our rules in-game, your account may be muted for 1, 3 or 7 days. Please visit the My account has been banned, disabled or muted! Help Page for more information.

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