Newsletter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions about our newsletter? Here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the AdventureQuest Worlds Newsletter!

There are also two Design Notes posts with information about the newsletter and Power Gems as well located here, here and here! If you didn't receive your Power Gem, please also check out the wiki post about getting a Power Gem through Twilly in Battleon!

Q. How do I receive your newsletter?

All you have to do is confirm your email with us! You will receive the latest news for our game and a Power Gem that you can spend in-game!

Q. How do I confirm my email to receive the newsletter?

Easy, just visit our How do I confirm my email address? Help Page for instructions.

Q. My email is confirmed, but I no longer have access to my original account email, what do I do?

Please visit our My account is hacked, stolen or lost! help page to update your email.

Q. I just confirmed my email but I didn't receive the newsletter, what do I do?

If you confirmed your email after our newsletter went out, you will have to wait until the next newsletter.

Q. I didn't receive the newsletter and my email was already confirmed, what do I do?

Most likely there is just an issue with your email. Please make sure your email is not filtering our newsletter to your junk/spam box. Also, please make sure that your email is not blocking emails from or and add these emails to your contact list. Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL do frequently filter our emails as junk due to people flagged our email as junk or spam. Please do not flag our newsletter as junk or spam to avoid this. You can also try re-confirming your current email or re-confirming to a different email to see if that helps.

Q. Can multiple accounts with the same confirmed email address receive multiple newsletters?

If you have multiple accounts with the same confirmed email, you will only receive one newsletter.

Q. How do I unsubscibe to your newsletter?

If you no longer want to receive our newsletter, please click on the "unsubscibe" link at the bottom of the last most recent newsletter you received. You will then no longer receive our newsletter.

Q. What if I already unsubscribed to your newsletter but want to re-subscribe?

You will have to login to the AQW Account Manager and click on the Newsletter link to the left to re-subscribe.

Q. Can you just resend the newsletter to me?

We are sorry, we have no way to resend a newsletter at this time. We are working on this option for the future.

Q. Can't I just change my email to or an,,, or email to receive the newsletter?

No, you do have to confirm your own email address to receive the newsletter.

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