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I have an issue with AExtras/Offers!

You can earn AdventureCoins by completing 3rd party offers. But be careful! Most offers require you to sign up to a website, answer a survey, buy something, or sign up for a trial. Each offer will show you how many coins it is worth if you complete it. If you are eligible and you complete the offer, your character will automatically get the coins in AQWorlds.

  • The offer companies are NOT owned by us
    All offers are separate and have nothing to do with Artix Entertainment or AQWorlds, and we cannot be held responsible for the results of any offers accepted. (Other than giving you AdventureCoins for a completed offer)

  • Are you 18+ years old?
    If you are under age 18, check with your parents first before signing up for ANY of the offers. These offers are not available for players under 13 years old.

  • Read the offers CAREFULLY
    Remember, nothing in life is free. So PLEASE read the small print on the offers carefully. The "small print" is often at the very bottom of the screen (like those Survey / Cell Phone ones that try to start charging you a monthly fee).

  • Be SMART with your email
    While Artix Entertainment will never spam you or give out your game account email address, these other companies might! We recommend using a separate, free email just to be safe.

    For information about AExtras, please visit this Message Forum.

If you have an issue with not receiving AdventureCoins for a particular offer, you need to contact that Offer company directly for assistance. Our company does not have access to their systems/databases, so we have no way to see if your Offer status. Here is how to contact each Offer company after you get to the AExtras section:

  • SuperRewards - click on the blue GET HELP link
  • Matomy - click on the red Check Offer Status button
  • GameCoins - click on the Customer Support link
  • Jampp - click on the blue Help link to the bottom left
  • TokenAds - click on the Support button
  • SuperSonic - click on View Status for help

If you cannot see one of the above help/support links or buttons above, you may have an adblocker blocking it. Please go to this page to be whitelisted so you can see the links/buttons.

Please note, if you have a dispute/chargeback issue with one of the above Offers companies, you will need to contact them directly for more information. If you are negative in-game currency or Artix Points, you may have had a dispute/chargeback from one of the Offers companies. You will have to repurchase however many Artix Points were removed to fix any negative in-game currency. Your account may also be disabled. If your account is disabled, you will have to mail us a money order directly, here is our help page.

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