Facebook Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have an question connecting to Facebook? Most questions are answered here!

Check out the informative Design Notes post about Facebook!

Q. How do I link my AQWorlds account to my Facebook account to connect to Facebook?

Here are the steps to link your AQWorlds account to your Facebook account:

  1. Go to http://www.aq.com/play-now/
  2. Click on "Connect with Facebook" blue button
  3. Enter your Facebook login information and click Log In
  4. Enter your AQWorlds Hero (Account) name and password then click the Link & Play Button
  5. On the bottom left of the screen, you will see that you are now connected to your Facebook account!
  6. In the future, you JUST need to click "Connect with Facebook" to log in!

Q. How do I unlink my Facebook account from my AQWorlds account?

Here are the steps to unlink your Facebook account from your AQWorlds account:

  1. Go to http://www.aq.com/play-now/
  2. Login with your AQWorlds account name and password
  3. Go to Options (silver gears at the bottom right of the screen)
  4. Click on the Account Tab at the top right
  5. Click the Unlink button under Facebook
  6. You will see a confirmation screen with a warning, if you agree, then click the Un-Link from Facebook button

You can also login to the AQWorlds Account Manager and unlink from there.

Q. I am having a problem linking my AQWorlds account to connect to Facebook!

The most common reason for this issue is if the Facebook account you want to use has already been linked to another AQWorlds account. Each Facebook account can only be linked to a single AQWorlds account, so you will need to unlink the original AQWorlds account before you can link the new one.

Q. How do I change what Facebook account my AQWorlds is linked to?

You will need to unlink your AQWorlds from its current Facebook account, then relink it. You will need to enter the login information of the new Facebook account you wish to link to.

Q. I am having a problem logging in/connecting with Facebook!

Once you click the Facebook Connect button, you will be taken to the server select screen. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the name of the active Facebook account. If that is not you, click “Log out of Facebook” and try logging in again using your information. If you cannot login to your Facebook account, please go to Facebook's Help Section for assistance.

Q. There is no pop-up option to login to my Facebook account when I try to connect to Facebook. What do I do?

This is most likely a technical issue on your end. Please clear your cache/temporary internet files, restart your browser, and make sure there are no pop-up blocked enabled on your browser. Please make sure your browser is allowing pop-ups for all of our websites, including www.AQ.com.

Q. How do I recover my Facebook account password?

Please go to Facebook's Help Section to use their password recovery system or you can recover your password when you try to login to your Facebook account.

Q. Why do I have to sign into my Facebook account when linking?

For security purposes. Signing into the Facebook account before linking makes sure you are the owner of both the Facebook account and AQWorlds account you’re trying to link.

Q. Why does it show someone else’s Facebook information when I log in?

The game will display the information of whichever Facebook account is logged in on AQWorlds. If that is not you, please click the “Log out of Facebook” link, and re-login with your account information.

Q. Can I link more than one Facebook account to my AQWorlds account?

No, we are sorry, you can only link one Facebook account to one AQWorlds account.

Q. Will connecting/logging in with Facebook change my AQWorlds account name in-game?

Not at all! Connecting/logging in with Facebook does not change anything about your AQWorlds account in-game at all, other than how easy it is to login!

Q. My AQWorlds account is lost/hacked/stolen and linked to my Facebook account, how do I recover it?

Please visit our Account Recovery Help Page to recover your AQWorlds account.

Q. Can I use Facebook Cashbucks to purchase an AQWorlds upgrade?

We are hopefully going to add this option in the future!

Q. How do I contact someone if I still need help?

Email us

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