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How do I delete my account?

Deleting a Free Account
Usually there is no need to delete an account, but we understand that sometimes a player wants to. However, once an account is deleted, it is gone forever! Here is what you need to do to delete a free account:

If someone created an account with your email address without your permission, please delete the account this way or you can email us for help.

If you want a free account to be deleted for you to use that account name again, there may be an indefinite delay as the account flagged for deletion hasn't been deleted via our system sweep yet. We suggest choosing a name you want to keep when you create your account. Please visit our Can I Change my AQWorlds username? Help Page for more information.

Deleting a Paid Account
You cannot delete a paid account via Account Management. We do not usually delete a paid account due to the payment history on the account that can never be deleted. We also wouldn't want someone who somehow gained access to your account to delete all the hard work you have put into your account!

There is also usually no reason to delete an account that has a current active Upgraded Membership or AdventureCoins that have not been spent, as those upgrades will go to waste. We can disable a paid account upon request as deleting a paid account can cause issues.

contactPlease email us with any questions.

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