Account Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I lost my account and lost all my items? Will I get them back?

Unfortunately, we do not have a system in place to allow us easily to replace lost items. If you are a paid player, we may be able to view your AdventureCoins spending history and look for irregularities. Here is our help page regarding lost items.

Q: What if I am a paid player and don’t have my account Transaction ID? Can I still get my account back?

Yes! Refer to - Recover your Account (For Free Players).

Q: What if an Artix staff member asks me for my password?

A real Artix Staff member would NEVER ask for your password as they would never need it!

Q: Should I ever share my password?

NEVER share your password with anyone!

Q: Is it okay to share my account with a friend/sibling/relative?

No! We do not allow people to share, trade, buy, sell or give away accounts. This is a direct violation of our Rules.

Q. How did my account get hacked/stolen?

There are several ways an account can get hacked, the number one reason being the player gives out their password. Here is our informative help page that lists reasons an account is compromsied.

Q: I emailed you to get my account back but haven't heard back. What do I do?

Submit the webform email once more. There is the chance we didn't receive it. Sometimes Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL filter our emails.

Q: Has my financial information been compromised since my account was hacked/stolen?

No. Artix Entertainment does not store or retain your payment information since we use third party payment providers such as UltimatePay/PlaySpan and PayPal for processing payments. Your financial information is not compromised if your player account is compromised.

Q: Is your game/site insecure? Is that how I'm getting hacked?

No, our website is secure. An account cannot be "hacked" through our website or game. Most "hackings" are again, due to a player giving out their password.

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