Recover your Account (for Paid Players)

It is really easy for paid players to recover their account by using our Automated Recovery Page. Since you made a payment to your account, all you need is your transaction ID number!

  • Step One
    Find your Payment Confirmation Email. This email contains your transaction ID. You can search your email using the words "AQWorlds payment."
  • Step Two
    Write down or type your transaction ID and payment method for the next step.
  • Step Three
    Fill out the Automated Recovery Page. Please note, auto-recovery can only be used with certain payment methods. SMS payments are not proof of purchase for recovering accounts!

If you DO NOT have your payment confirmation email or transaction ID, please visit Recover your Account (For Free Players) where you can also email us for further assistance.

Once you enter all of the correct information to our Automated Recovery Page, you will receive a new secure password. Once you have your new password, immediately log into your account and change your password and email addresss if necessary. Then refer to Protect Your Account.

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