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How do I link or unlink my AQWorlds account with my Artix Account?

If you would like to link or unlink an Artix Game account to/from an Artix Account, we are happy to help!

Here are the steps on how to link an Artix Game Account to an Artix Account:

Here are steps how to unlink an Artix Game account to an Artix Account:

Please note, we usually cannot unlink an AQWorlds account from an Artix Account if Artix Points are spent. Usually there is no reason to unlink an account. If any payments are made to an account, we have to keep track of your payment history. However, if your account was actually hacked/stolen/lost or if there is an extenuating circumstance, we may be able to unlink your account as a one time only exception. This would only be for those players who do not have a current active Upgraded Membership or that have not spent Artix Points in a very long time.

Also, we do not allow players to link other players/friends' AQWorlds accounts to their Artix Account as we do not allow account sharing. You can always purchase an Artix Points Gift Certificate if you would like to purchase Artix Points for someone.

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