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How do I change my email address?

We understand that it is common for you to have more than one email address, so it is important to know how to change the current email address. Always make sure the email we have for your account is up to date and active.

We don't recommend using multiple emails for AQWorlds, as that can cause account recovery issues and proving account ownership difficulty. Always make sure to use your own email address or a trusted parent/family email address and that you use a secure email password. Please visit How do I keep my account secure? for information on how to keep your email safe.

If you cannot change your current email as it is your original signup email you no longer have access to, please go to theĀ How can I change my signup email?

If your account is lost, hacked or stolen and your password is not working, please visit My account is hacked, stolen or lost! You can email us to recover your account if you need help.

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