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January 09, 2014

Carnival of Fortune Update

Gear Added to the Doom and Destiny Merge Shops 

Inside the Carnival of Fortune stand the Wheels of Doom and Destiny. Their keepers, Swaggy and Shiny, will let you spin a Wheel and take home the prizes: you receive 10,000 gold and a Fortune Potion* every time, plus the chance for an extra bonus prize!

The bonus prize you may receive is chosen at random, but we wanted to give everyone a chance to thwart Fate... and the Random Number Generator. That is why many of the Wheel's item drops have been added to the Doom and Destiny merge shops.

What this means is, that even if you have REALLY BAD real-life luck and just can't seem to get that Jouster Armor (for example) that just won't drop from the Wheel, now you know that as long as you spin enough times, you WILL get the item you want (as long as it is in the merge shop)!

NEW Gear in the Merge shops 

Two new items have been added to the Merge shops: the Rapier of Skulls and the Edge of Light! These weapons are permanent items!

Cycling in New 1% Drops 

None of the 1% items from the Wheels has been added to the merge shops, nor will the Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness be added. Some things, Swaggy and Shiny want to keep hard to get. 

But later this month, the current 1% drops from the Wheels of Doom and Destiny (like the Doom Naval Commander, Doom Celestial Sandknight and others) will be cycled out, and new ones cycled in. Keep an eye on the Design Notes for when that will happen! 

*which increases your strength for a time

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