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November 01, 2013

Trick or Treating

The path to candy is frought with peril

In the real world, Halloween was always my most favorite time of the year. The yearly tradition here in the US is to dress up in costume on Halloween night and go door to door saying "Trick or Treat!" You would be rewarded with either a piece of candy (treat) or... if the person was deviously clever they would scare you, or pull a prank (trick). When we found out that not everyone in the world knew about nor celebrated this holiday... we created Mogloween in the original AdventureQuest (11 years ago?) so that we could all enjoy the festivities within game. It was our first ever holiday event and it is pretty crazy how it is celebrated across multiple games!

In previous years posts on the AQWorlds and DragonFable design notes I talked about some clever ways you could get more candy per house. (Good reads if you find them) But I would love to share with you what I do now... since I spend Halloween on the "other side of the door." I still dress up-- I mean, it would be a dissapointment to go to Artix's castle and not have an armored Knight hand give you candy challenges. My house really does look like some sort of hybrid castle. It has a long torch lit driveway, a small moat with a drawbridge. The moat is more symbolic than functional... I mean, you can easily hop across it and the neighbors dog often takes baths in it. (It is also a popular hang out spot for Frogs.) My front door looks like something right out of AQWorlds. It is large, wooden, round, and has one of those things you can slide-open open and look out of. It is the perfect Halloween house. So as excited groups of Trick-or-Treaters show up at the door.... I tried to make it memorable. So here is one of the many stories from last night:

A small group of trick or treaters crossed the dark draw bridge. They saw the viewing port open... then suddenly slammed shut. They gathered the courage to knock on the door, then the door slowly started creaking open. An armored hand creepily immitated something out of a Nightmare on Elmstreet movie... then suddenly the door burst open and a guy in armor yelled Happy Halloween with a smile. They said, "Trick or Treat!" The Knight replied... "Trick? Here are your options... you can each take 5 pieces of candy OR... you can put 5 pieces of candy from your bag into the bowl for the grand prize." The costumed treaters thought about it for a moment until the most couragous of them immediately started taking candy from his bag and putting it into the armored knight's bowl. "What are you doing!?" said the girl. "I want to find out what the grand prize is!!! C'mon, how many times do you get a chance like this?", said the boy in the doctor costume. "Fine" replied the girl as the entire group of treaters put 5 pieces of candy each into the Knights already full bowl of candy. The Knight looked down at the overflowing bowl of candy, smiled again, and said, "Trick!", slammed the door shut. The treaters stood there wide eyed in complete disbelief... staring at the giant wooden door. Then suddenly, WOOOOOSH, the door opened up and the Knight was holding a Sepeulchure action figure and other goodies. "Just Kidding! You win the grand prize!", handing the action figure to the brave boy and giving each of the treaters 10 pieces of candy (twice the candy they had originally pledged.) BEST HOUSE EVER!!! -- this is exactly why Faith needs to start locking the HeroMart room the night before Halloween.

I came up with a lot of good tricks last night. Most of them rewarded the most bold, honest, helpful or selfless treater. No one ever went away without a huge smile. Some might have even learned something. The parents watching certainly seemed impressed. I still remember the one boy who, during a candy auction for Critical Hits CD was offering up his ENTIRE BAG OF CANDY. He was dead serious and... he had more candy in that bag than I had to give out total, LOL! Needless to say, I gave it to him, and like all of my challenges, never actually took any candy.

I hope you had a fun and enjoyable night last night, both in game and out! Today is the first day of November, and this month some huge things are happening in AQWorlds... starting with the Chaos Lord known as "The Twins." When asked, how can you have Twins as a Chaos Lord they replied, "It is CHAOS!"

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