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Pink Power!

October 14, 2011

They Might BeLeen!

I flew all the way from HeroSmash 'cuz I wouldn't miss this event for the AQWorld!

HEEEELLLLOOOOO friends!! I have missed you all soooo much! And how many of you have missed my deliciously PINK design notes?!? I know Artix has >:D Mwahahaha! They Might BeLeen!

Artix doesn't even know I've posted this. But I couldn't resist. He's soooo busy with the They Might Be Giants event...and he's all like "MAN, everything is going so perfect today!" So…what better way to throw a giant wrench in the works than by flaunting my PINKNESS all over the design notes?

Chance of Artix's eyes melting before the release? Looks like 100%!

Hehehehe ^_____^

Join me, my fellow pink friends! The They Might Be Giants event starts tonight at 6pm! I'll be seeing you there!

Battle on, Smash on, and Pink ON!


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