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May 27, 2011

DoomWood Video

A MUST see before tonight's release

Tonight in AdventureQuest Worlds, the DoomWood Saga begins! This brand new saga takes place 5 years after the events that took place in DragonFable. (You can play the entire story in www.DragonFable.com now.) If you have not already seen the video below... it was created as a trailer for the original DoomWood story. In the in-game version you are fighting along side Artix during this part. It is ultimately revealed that the purple robed Necromantress is actually Vayle -- a childhood friend of Artix, who had became fused with the Darkness Orb. The glowing Spirit Shard in her hand contained the soul of her brother... who she believed could be brought back to life if she followed the orders of her master, the Evil Necromancer, Noxus. Ultimately she abandoned the undead lords of the necropolis and went on her own path... to try to find a way to use Necromancy for good. However, due to what happened to her Spirit Orb in this video, she swore vengence.

Players made some amazing remixes of the video

Doomwood begins... TONIGHT!

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